Balance Suggestions

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Balance Suggestions

Postby KidsEatFree » Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:51 pm

The majority of active players are currently in agreement that the game suffers from the impossible task of defeating the Werewolf after basically Night 4 before the Werewolf can play passively at Night if needed to farm strength and during the day can stay alive by remaining mobile and through the use of Jasmine Tea and Elder Flower Potion to avoid being killed by players if they somehow manage to find the Werewolf in villager form.

A review of the numbers shows that among the top players, the Werewolf wins a majority of the time, with the sole exception of when playing against multiple top players in Villager role. The win rate of WW among top players stands at about 70%+ and the loses that occurred are often the result of poor play by the Werewolf rather than good play by the Villagers.

What I currently suggest are a few minor changes

Remove the (6) stacking ability from Jasmine Tea and Elderflower potion. This should help alleviate a little of the balance issues with mobility by forcing their use to be more strategic and prevents them from being spammed by purely mobile players making locking down a target somewhat easier. Thus removing the lack of counter play around the coordinated use of Jasmine Tea and Elderflower potions.

Implement an auto kick function for villagers that are still afk by Night 2. Remove gold bounty from players removed this way. Additionally remove gold bounty from players that desync at the start of the game. This would be done to reduce luck based power spikes to Werewolf early game when Werewolf should be more vulnerable.
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Re: Balance Suggestions

Postby abextadoo » Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:38 pm

I agree werewolf should be more vulnerable on early game, I agree the potion combo could be decreased, and I agree afk players should be banned.
But I strongly believe late game (when ww gets level 25) should be an advantage for the werewolf.
I also believe that if vilagers allow ww to kill boss minions they should be in trouble.