More Brewing Recipies And MUCH more

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More Brewing Recipies And MUCH more

Postby X_TheLegend27_X » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:29 pm

I have just read a post about 'Extra brewing things' and it'll be fun to make some up myself, since I'm very creative.

Custom Recipies:
water + wood alcohol + Wheat + potato = Vodka --> gives a 50% chance of evading attacks, but also slows attack speed down by 50% and movement speed by 10% for 15 seconds.
Catalist bush + wood alcohol + dynamite = Explosive Molotov (2 charges) --> a throwable dynamite that goes off instantly with a casting range of 700.
Winters' kiss + Vodka + Jasmine + water = Love Coctail --> use on your wife to instanly make her produce 2 childs (beyond cap if reached).
Zombie Repel + Elder Flower = Victim repel --> instantly nulliefies and obliderate all victims within a 250 AoE.
Coloric Acid + Explosive Molotov (2charges) + Enchanted Vial + Victim Repel = Vials of Divinity (×3) --> Deals 250 damage in a 500 AoE, decreases armor by 10, slows attack speed by 50%, movement speed by 15% and deals an aditional 15 damage per second, lasts 15 seconds, 7.5 seconds on heroes.

Custom Ingredients/Animals/Crops;
Choloric Acid - obtainible at both traveling merchiants and the ship.
Enchanted Vile - also obtainible at both merchiants + ship
Potato - new custom crop --> costs 50 gold. Grows as quick as corn, but when ready it will give a random amount between 3-5 potatoes, each worth 25 gold.
Cow - costs 225 gold per cow, can get up to 450 mana, starts initialy with 50 mana. Has 1.25 mana regen.
Mellee hunters - Make it so Hunters can swith weapons in a more durable, less lethal mellee version.
Viking invasion (random even) - Make vikings (re-skinned mountain kings) randomly spawn and patrol mining areas (to make mining more challenging and less OP) viking stats; HP 600, atk 21-26, armor 2 heavy. Make them spawn in groups of 2 to 5.
Transylvanian Marsh (random, timed event) - To speed up gameplay in about an hour per game; add the 'Transylvanian Marsh'. Where a group of neutral Werewolf hunters (about 15 Knights and 10 Archers) emerges from the Castle in the middle and patrol the map, killing all victims and maybe even encounter the werewolf along the way.
Gold - make gold obtained from mining a consumable instead of having to sell it. Left click to use in inventory to instantly obtain 50 gold.

I just ran dry of idea's... pick out the ones you might like!
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Re: More Brewing Recipies And MUCH more

Postby shieldbreaker » Fri Sep 08, 2017 10:03 pm

I like the Marsh idea a lot but as is the werewolf would just camp the castle and kill all 25 units for decent xp if a human didn't help them.