A command you should add+Bug report+Suggestion

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A command you should add+Bug report+Suggestion

Postby addressmeyhc » Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:47 pm

After wave 40, it become day, and turns to night, then it says you win.[Easy Mode]
This wastes 1 minute or so.
What should be changed is that when we finished wave 40 and turns to day,
immediately show you have won message and end game after 1 minute.
Players don't like waiting for that unreasonable day which have nothing happen and yet wasting time.

***Command -skip***
Effect: to skip to next night immediately.
You shouldn't kill the current wave monsters and skip to next level,
but having both of the current night and following night units. etc. wave 1 type -skip, shows a message night 2, start time at 18 and the food count which is night turn to 2. night 1 and night 2 monsters are finding players.
Why -skip command?
Because pro players would start to turn afk after getting bored waiting for the night to pass since wave 20, i would finish my build at wave 20 and start to alt+tab do other stuff.
and average players would also be too bored of doing the same for night 30 or so and starts afking
afk= away from keyboard
This long wait is really a major turn off for players to continue playing the game.

The save/load system is not bad actually, for players to come back to the game again and again.
I currently have 91 gold load, which is a [Destroyer]
After playing an easy mode, it gives me a load of a [Mighty] and still has 91 gold.
Please fix the bug that my gold isn't increasing. fix that my title from destroyer become mighty.
please fix it so that maximum gold is around 500, so that you could share some gold with teammates and max everything for yourself.

Set maximum Gold/Credit to 500, so that you could share some gold with teammates and max every upgrade for yourself.
Whoever has more than 500 credits (hacker) will be kicked with a fatal error/freeze, I'm sure you can do that with save/load system.
I dislike using CustomDefeatBJ or CustomVictory because they're easily removed.
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A command you should add+Bug report+Suggestion

Postby maddeem » Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:01 pm

You can only receive credits from a wave if you have less than double the wave number.
So say you are on wave 20 and you have 40 credits or more.. You will not receive credits.
So the max credits you can get is 120.
This is not a bug, but a feature.

I won't bother kicking hackers, they are always going to hack. Kicking them just makes me lose players. (Even if they do hack.)

Skipping is a feature that could make the game feel too cumbersome. But I could have players vote at any time during the game to skip all days automatically.
I do actually like that idea.