Unholy Ground! (now in public beta!)

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Unholy Ground! (now in public beta!)

Postby Mirgil » Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:00 am

Hey everyone! Ive been working alot on my Isle Map but since im getting help on it i decided to make another map all by my self, im still working on isle like 70% of the time but its hard work. So the other 30% is this map, Unholy Ground. And its almost playable! ;) im going to release V1B(Beta) by October 5 at the latest. So far ive balanced everything, I will release what the map is EXACTLY like a day before i release the beta. So right now all have is lore, Enjoy and tell me what you think of it :) So far the lore dosnt actually reach to the point where my map takes place but it gives you the idea of whats happeneing, also i ran into a problem using word so it looks...weird...but anyways Opinions are encouraged :D

The Land of Exodious
was a very powerful one.The land was discovered by the explored Dargin. Dargin was hired by the King of Marx to search for more land. He sailed across the Horizon Ocean and found the great land of Maridania (named after The kings son)
He told the king about it and the king sent his dukes to claim the land. But Dargin kept a secret from him, He had found a land so fantastic that he kept it To him self. He told the king that there was a huge mountain chain that covered the land. But the truth was that a mountain chain(Henjiro) defended the land.

The land
he named Exodious(after his tribe) was a very fertile and defendible land, with only 2 entrances through the mountains. Exoidous was surrounded by a lake
called Lake Drak After a old legend. The mountain chain was called the Henjiro Mountains, And it surounded Exodious on all sides, covering the lake. Dargin
decided to bring his Tribe, the Exodian Tribe, to the land. They lived there for many years, with the begining 500 members, they grew untill they numbered
at 5000, and thrived even further.

After 10 years
of growing, they were on the verdge of being discovered. The king was begining to suspect something after
Dargin mysteriously disapeared. He sent out a search party for him. The Kings scouts searched the land, and discovered many things. It seemed that a
civilization had grown here. Towns were found and remains of people were scattered across the land. Then in the year 11 BW, a castle was found in the far
reaches of Maridanian. It was a grand castle and was perfect for the king. But after searching they found a tomb in the graveyard. They searched it in hopes
of gold and a clue to who owned this castle. As they went deap into the tomb, Magical Runes appeared. Magic was well known in marx but not common. The Search
group finally got the the rulers grave, or so it seemed. The grave was a huge steel coffin with various gems layered on it. Weird writing was scrawled over
it. There was a soccet on the front of the grave, and there seemed to be a exact fitting object on the top of the coffin. They tried to open the coffin but
it was no use...

But a Officer had a briliant idea
So they called the king down to witness the event. They took the weird rune on top of the coffin and put it in the soccet. Immedietly a weird energy rippled
through the air. The coffin began to shake, and then it poped open. A laugh split the air as a skeleton got up out of the coffin. The guards immedietly
attacked the skeleteon but it seemed to be made of pure steel. The skeleton quickly over powered the guards. The King and the party began to run but more
skeleteons were popping out of the ground. Soon a wall of skeletons, zombies, gargoyles, and other unholy things blocked there escape route. The was no hope
and the king and his group were both slaughtered.

Havok was everywhere. Everywhere in Maridania undead creatures were popping up, and slaughtering all in there path. All, except Exodious. The Exodian people
had not a single clue what was happening. After various battles that covered the land, the humans lost total control of Maridanaia. Except for Exodious.
Dargin was getting to be in his mid-life, and he was worried about the king finding him. So he decided to send a scout party out to find the king and ask
for an alliance between Marx and Exodious. It was now 17 BW and the population almost numbered 10,000. They had found more land that was even more defendable
than the rest of exoidous. It was a fantastic place, so they built castles and fortresses to defend it if anything would happen. But then, the scouts
returned early. When they got out of the mountain pa** they saw thousands of thousands of undead creatures. After a bit more time they figured out that all
of Maridania was undead land. There were castles and towns, full of undead. They retreated into Exodious and told Dargin. With this news Dargin built forts,
castles, and walls everywhere he could. He fortified the 2 mountain pa**es, the only entrances to the rest of Maridania. He also fortified the mountain
pa** to the eastern lands, the most defendible lands. In the year 19 BW, the undead began there attack...

The undead marched to the mountain path entrance, inside a huge Exodious army waited. The exodian population numbered at 12000, and almost ¾ of the population served in the army. The exodians had the advantage of the knowledge of the mountain path and the defenses that it held. But the undead army had the advantage of a larger army, better troops, and the biggest advantage of all. They were being led by General Ordian, a Shadow Colossus. He wasn’t the usual Human general; he fought on the front lines. He was a monster, he crushed human soldiers without a problem. The fight of the Mountain Pa**es lasted almost a year. Over that year, The Exoidans built a fort where the two mountain pa**es ended. In the mountain pa** war, 1200 human soldiers died. That included 2 Generals, The war was a very long war mainly because of the defences the humans built. They built huge walls and many times blew up sections of the path to slow down the undead. In the end, a huger number of undead died. A estimated 2000 undead soldiers died, but no generals died. Ordian was injured, but still fought in the fight for the fortress. The battle for the fortress lasted about half the time of the fight for the mountain pa**es. The battle for the mountain pa** and the fortress together lasted a year. Now the undead had a tough decision to make. The land of exodious was spread out and many key locations were not close to each other. They could go west to the Desert, north west to the royal lands, south to the Ken peninsula, southeast to the Glory Peninsula, or east to the province lands, or they could head northeast through a second mountain path and go into the eastern lands. They decided it was best to go to the Ken Peninsula…
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Unholy Ground! (now in public beta!)

Postby duckne55 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:18 am

same response:
what type of map is it, hero defence, tower defence, or?
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Unholy Ground! (now in public beta!)

Postby Mirgil » Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:01 pm

Oh yeah sorry i probably should have at least told you what kind of map it is. It is a DOTA Style but with my own kind of twist on it. Basically You have a hero, and every 15 seconds you get 3 soldiers. Ill tell you the rest later, since at this point I'm almost ready to release the first playable version, i plan to have it ready by Sunday.
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Unholy Ground! (now in public beta!)

Postby jorgijus » Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:25 am

More like footy then isn't it?I'll give you my opinion about the lore when you write everything.By the way I didn't recieve your messenger invitation.
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Unholy Ground! (now in public beta!)

Postby Mirgil » Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:03 pm

Yeah sry Jorg but i couldn't find you on there, i searched for your email but no luck. I also ran into a problem... a big problem. My computer broke something, so i have to use a laptop that doesn't have WC3 and i cant get it on here...so until i get the stuff to fix my computer i cant work on it. But it does give me more time to work on lore, so im going to push the release date for the v1 B(beta) till October 8th or so. But good thing is that i really have the beta done, i just have to fix one or two things involving the start screen and ally stuff.

ATTENTION i just released more lore. This time it goes very close to the map im releasing.
ATTENTION its here! i have released the beta onto Clan_VoF bot! just type @map Unholy and then start one!
To open gates type -open gate to close -close gate
The game requires 2 people but i have left 3 slots open for observers
Please! give me feedback. All feedback i get will be looked at and ill put your name on the list of beta testers. go ahead and send me a PM or put it here. And i know about the front screen problem.

About The Game: The game is about a undead army vs human kingdom. After the first attack, they marched to fort Ravange and hope. In this game they already took over fort hope and you are leading fort ravange. Your job is to destroy fort ravange which has been taken over by undead. You decided it would be best to hinder the undead than go down in a fight. The undead have asked for reinforcements so you have to hurry...good luck!
Every 15 seconds you get 3 soldiers
Use your heros abilities
Send units (NOT HEROS) into the area surrounded by explosive barrels to attack the enemy.
Whoever kills the enemies castle first wins. Good Luck, Have Fun :)

EDIT: I have began work on new heros so that there are 3 heros for each side and so that there is a bit of difference in the beta nad to try and get more attention to the map.

<big><big><big>The Humans New Heros:</big></big></big>

<big><big>Blood-Shot the Hunter-X2</big></big>
<div class='spoiler_toggle'>Spoiler: click to toggle</div><div class="spoiler" style="display:none;">Hero Idea

<big>Name</big>: Blood-Shot

<big>Class</big>: Xodian Dead-Aim “Hunterâ€￾

<big>Model/Icon</big>: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/skins-552/technomarinevisor-61335/?prev=search%3DFemale%2520Marine%26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20 and for icon I would like to use http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/icons-541/btnmarine-58799/?prev=search%3DFemale%2520Marine%26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20

<big>Back story</big>: Blood-Shot is a Xodian “Hunter-X2â€￾ Which is a military project that the Military Technician Darex thought up of halfway through the unholy invasion war. (You can read about some lore here: http://vofproductions.co.cc/topic/3829461/1/#new) Blood-Shot was supposed to be a human soldier who was excelling in sniper combat mixed with a robot who could act in melee if necessary. They wanted to increase sniper combat in the war because the undead had no technology that could keep up with Sniper Rifles…As the undead could only steal technology from the humans. After many experiments, Class A Soldier, Ruby, who was a General in command of Sniper Group Beta-4, was selected to become the first “Hunter-X2â€￾ They separated certain parts of her body and replaced them with Robotic Parts. She was the greatest military invention at that point. Her legs were replaced with Bulky Steam-Powered Thrusters/Feet. An arm was removed and was replaced by Electric Powered Cannon/Hand that could detach at certain parts and be switched for a deadly melee weapon that could be a sword, mace, axe, or a metal hand. She needed the metal hand and a regular arm to work a sniper rifle that was made especially for her. The rifle was a huge caliber rifle that had changeable scopes that could be thermal, regular, X-Ray and a various of other things. She also could change the power of the scope from 2x to up to 20x. The caliber of the rifle measure depended on the bullet she used. She used a variety of bullets like piercing, Electrical, Incendiary, explosive, and many others. Her bullet could change into a higher caliber bullet that was used for closer combat or to pierce the few yet dangerous Heavily Armored Undead War Machines or she could use a low caliber bullet that was used more often on the undead foot soldiers or undead beasts. 2 sections of her brain were cut out in a dangerous surgery and replaced with a CPU system that could analyze situations and come with battle plans in seconds. The other part was replaced with an optical system that increased her vision abilities. She was suited in a Heavy armor powered by 3 Fuel Cells on her back (this is one of her weak points because they cant armor the Fuel Cells or they will overheat and kill her.) She was also given Shoulder Weapon Packs. They were machines that could change between a quick firing machine gun to a explosive launcher. They were also fitted later with a harpoon gun. She was amazing on the battle field but was damaged in a battle where a Undead H.E.L.L hit her fuel pack directly. She wasn’t seen again until the humans learned she had escape from an undead prison. She returned to the Military with a request to become a solo project in which she decided where to go and when. The military allowed her to do her own project. She also requested that no more X-2 hunters were made (at the time there were 3 other X-2s whom were reformed to do other jobs such as demolition and stealth.) In the end she was nicknamed Blood-Shot.

NOTE: I will refer to Blood-Shot as BS from now on.
NOTE2: BS has a ranged attack (sniper) and a melee attack (sword) This is not very easy to do since im not making a custom model, and im using a skin but…

<big>Ability 1</big>: Sniper sword melee spin ( Last thoughts on name….)
BS spins around, using her side thrusters, and uses her sword as a melee weapon for anyone who gets close and shoots her sniper in a random direction ( This will be a relatively low damage attack due to OPness…)

<big>Ability 2</big>: Fuel Spurt
BS injects more fuel into her weapon, increasing damage, attack speed, and injects fuel into her leg thrusters increasing armor and speed for one minute (time increases as it upgrades so it dosnt really start at one minute)

<big>Ability 3</big>: Dead Aim Training
BS has been trained with the sharpest eye in the world, this increases crit chance, ability to see invisible things, and increases her vision. She also has the ability for once every minute ( same thing with fuel spurt) to ping nearby enemies

<big>Ultimate</big>: Juggernaut Form ( Icon stays the same and her model changes to: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/dreadnought-close-combat-version-113149/?prev=c%3D11%26r%3D20%26d%3Dlist%26page%3D7 )
BS has gotten the ability to change herself into a Juggernaut form, Juggernaut form is more powerful, except that she loses the ability to range attack. Juggernaut form gains her access to a new abilities yet she losses all her other ones. She can enter in and out of juggernaut form, she can only be in juggernaut form for a set amount of time. She still loses mana while in juggernaut but if she lasts in juggernaut form too long she overheats.

In juggernaut form, she is very quick, does heavy melee damage, yet loses some health yet gains armor, she loses mana quickly. She loses her 3 abilities while in juggernaut form yet gains one, her vision is worse but her stats are higher.

<big>Juggernaut</big> Ability: Warzone Cannon Rush

BS spins, shooting her cannon that deals damage to whomever it hits. Then after shes done shooting, she randomly selects a target in range, and charges, stunning and dealing damage to whoever is in her path.

<big><big>Agnous the A.Priest</big></big>
<div class='spoiler_toggle'>Spoiler: click to toggle</div><div class="spoiler" style="display:none;">Agnous the A.Priest

Agnous was a little child when he lost his parents, it is the sad, usual story of the lost boy on the streets. When he was pickpocketing to try and buy some food, his target happened to be The nearby church B.Priest (battle priest). His name was Ragnox, he took in Agnous and trained him in the ways of Battle and Holyness. Years later he was A teenager and he already was training to be in the army, but he hated the ways of B.Priest, when he met A.Priests at training grounds he began to train in the ways of Angles (A.Priest means Angle Priest) Angle Priests fight in deep holy ways that usually don’t involve any physical means, but use magic for holy attacks and summon angles and use angle techniques to kill. He was most famous at the Battle of Fort Hope and Ravange.

Ability 1: Angle Summon
Agnous summons angles from heaven to fight next to him
(Summoned angles have 1 ability)

Angle Ability 1: Spear Charge
The angle charges at his enemy with a spear, stabbing through him, Stunning and doing damage. If the enemy is unholy then the damage does x2 damage and x2 the length of the stun.

Ability 2: Angle Blessing Aura
Agnous summons the Angle Aura around him and his allies, The angle aura increases health, mana, and intellect.

Ability 3: Angle Equipment
Agnous summons angle armor and weapons around him, increasing strength, agility, damage, and defence.

Ultimate: Angle Metamorphous
Agnous becomes an angle, getting wings. He flys around and throws Holy Bolts at all enemies, when a certain time is up, he lands and causes a holy explosion, doing damage to all enemies and pushing them back.
Agnous as you can see is lacking Icons and Models...i will find them later when i began actual work inside world editor
The undead 2 new heros are still in development atm and i will release information later
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