[Lore] To Do List

Ever wonder what the story behind all of this is? Your favorite heroes true background, and creation. Why this map is even occurring and what is the reasoning behind it all? Well look no further for the destination of your quest for knowledge ends here...
(The Lore/Storyline is still be design so come and help be a part of it all!)
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[Lore] To Do List

Postby Miz » Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:32 pm

Image <big><big><big>[font=Georgia]
Lore - To Do List[/font]</big></big></big>

A Mighty List of things that I, [font=trebuchet ms]Miz [/font] , have to get working on for the Lore and Storyline of the game.

What is Lore? Well Lore is a storyline or back story of a game or map, It isn't really a requirement of any map, but Lore is always a good expansion for it brings a sense of realism and can give a hard-core fan something to learn about his/her favorite character or hero in your map.

This Thread is used to record all the works I am doing for Vampire Hunters, whether its a Work in Progress, Completed or I am still debating doing it. You can also request certain documents and texts for me to do if that would please you. ;)

<big>[font=Georgia]To do List[/font]</big>

  • Creation of the Setting
    • Name of the Villages, and Locations
    • Details about the Village/Kingdom (Possibly History)
  • Life of the Villager
     [font=Georgia]The Light[/font]
  • <del>What is of the light</del>
  • The Shrine of the Light Bearer
  • The Legend of Asona <small>(The Light Bearer and Mother of the Light)</small>
  • The Keep of Sarus and the Order of the Light
  • The Virtues of the Light
    • Sir Garrick; The Knight
    • Lady Fervus; The Ranger
    • Father Vallon; The Priest
  • The Satisfactions of the Light
    • Ba and Ka; The Wizard
    • Lady Agrela; The Sorceress
    • Krolm; The Barbarian
  • The Ancients of the Light
    • D'ren Le'lor; The Ancient Druid
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[Lore] To Do List

Postby B2zeldafreak » Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:00 pm

Image<big><big>Miz - Lorekeeper</big></big>
Abilities soon to come.
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[Lore] To Do List

Postby Regnier » Fri Nov 13, 2009 5:02 pm

Zelda your sig scared me i thought there was a bug on my screen.
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[Lore] To Do List

Postby B2zeldafreak » Sat Nov 14, 2009 9:22 am

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