[Resolved] Unharvestable Trees Bug

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[Resolved] Unharvestable Trees Bug

Postby Koby_Fish » Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:49 am

There's a situation where sometimes after season change in Werewolf Trans, usually from winter to summer or whatever brown trees mean, where lumberjacks cannot target the trees and cannot harvest lumber, so they just stand there. I tried to see if doing a series of whim of druid on a tree taking it out and bringing it back would help, but it did not.

What is this bug, and how can it be fixed? Where did it come from?

Also can anything be done about the shaking trees in fog during usually winter that reveal where a person's base/lumberjacks are?
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Re: Unharvestable Trees Bug

Postby Pwnage » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:18 pm

If you can recall previous season changes, you would be able to have vision into any base you passed because of the oddities of visibility blocking while the trees were temporarily removed and replaced. I updated this mechanism to block being able to see into the base, but unfortunately 2 problems were created:
1) Sometimes this weird tree thing you're describing happens
2) You can see trees being harvested in fog of war.

Both of these appear to be engine-related problems, so there's little I can do. The only solution I can see being a perfect fix would be to combine the fall and winter tree models into one and simply switch the stand/attacked animations depending on the season. I'll give it a shot, thanks for reporting this.

Update: I have solved this problem. I rewrote the seasonal change from scratch in JASS. Most of this map is written in GUI and is leak-ridden, and I am going to rewrite everything. Started with the seasons, so starting next patch, no trees should cause you trouble.