[Resolved] "Defeat" after "Win"?

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[Resolved] "Defeat" after "Win"?

Postby Coronatorum » Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:54 pm

Noticed that if you play as villager, and there is only you and werewolf left in the game. If Werewolf leaves, next time after you are rechosen as new werewolf it says that "you have been found and slaughtered", and it counts as defeat. I know that this is not a big deal, but in case statistics will be brought back - it will be an issue. :)
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Re: "Defeat" after "Win"?

Postby Pwnage » Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:47 pm

This is indeed a known issue. There are similar defeat/loss issues with voting for a new werewolf/being exterminated and having a new werewolf chosen. This is due to me focusing on making the mechanics work logically, and not considering a player's experience/statistics. I'll be working on this, feel free to submit any other issues related to the game ending!

Edit (7/2/2016): Created a new trigger that handles this event specifically. Trigger checks that there is only 1 villager and a werewolf is to be repicked and ends the game appropriately. Thank you for submitting this! On a similar note, werewolf players who are exterminated are now appropriately defeated (instead of force-victory'd), and may view scores/save replays normally.