Adjust Hunting and Zombies

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Adjust Hunting and Zombies

Postby KidsEatFree » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:08 am

Lets talk the Meta-game for a minute.

Now I love this game otherwise I wouldn't say anything so here goes.

In this current version, mobility creep has become a problem, the best avenue for villagers to take is to be hunters. Which has resulted in Werewolf starving for things to kill at night which makes it almost impossible to win when considering even the xp difference between the Werewolf in both human and wolf form, and the villagers. Not the end of the world but it means the wolf is bound to be behind in both levels, and ghoul farm.

As for Zombies, I think an easy fix to start with would be that zombies are automatically unallied with all, and stay that way. This prevents the zombie(s) from turtling with other players to effectively stun lock wolf later game.
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Jesse James
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Re: Adjust Hunting and Zombies

Postby Jesse James » Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:17 pm

I think the power level of the wolf needs to be adjusted and we are doing so with each update. We have found that in the past giant sweeping changes tend to imbalance the game too much so we are taking a "one piece at a time" road to balancing things. Ideally I would like to see a skilled werewolf player be nearly impossible to kill during the night when he is transformed. It was always my intention that the role of cat and mouse was to switch day and night. When the player is human he should be at his weakest and when he is wolf he should be able to 1v1 any human settlement.

The unallying of zombies may be an elegant solution to what should be a neutral role. However, we may find that an unallied zombie just goes rampage and kills more villagers resulting in another power shift.

The zombie stun ability is of another concern. The zombie is very slow and the stun allows them the opportunity to actually matter. However, the stun can also be used very abusively in human/zombie or zombie/zombie team ups. Removing the stun would mean zombies will be EXP fodder. I think we may need to fundamentally challenge what the zombie is and perhaps take it to another role in the game. Instead of being a combatant perhaps it could be a scavenger with the potential to be "revived" as a villager if it consumes enough corpses. This would eliminate their role in any sort of large mutually beneficial role and reduce teaming up.
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Re: Adjust Hunting and Zombies

Postby Stormblessed » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:43 pm

Correction^zombies aren't neutral, 90% of them are sore losers doing everything to annoy werewolf(talking out of hundreds games experience not out of my ass kek), and as at the most of these times zombie players are noobs and it doesn't bother skilled werewolf player much, if zombie player turns out to be a good player actually, then playing werewolf becomes deppresing. You can't move unspotted(infect ability for ye, deer all around the map you can't take a dump let alone rebuilding something), there is always a possibility of stun lock though competent players are aware that they ought to send in their units first and attack in their proximity HOWEVER, you could sometimes find youself in situation where 2-3 zombie wankers emerge on your back and stun lock you along with forthcoming villager. I don't say it's always like that, but there is like 10% possibility of abusing that scenario. And yeah, haunted corpse doesn't restrain werewolf from getting fed on zombies if that's the purpose you believe this ability was supposed to serve. So yeah. It's annoying to repeat same threads over and over again frankly. There are already threads addressing these issues thoroughly especially zombie thingy.

Also, Werewolf really isn't weak, Werewolf always has been about KILLING PACE(I mean, isn't it natural that he should be in hurry before his identity is revealed as it is bound to be revealed at some point?)

The point is, if you aren't skilled enough to kill of 3-4 players early on, then you can't really call werewolf weak, what are we talking about. You know what I mean.

and honestly...werewolf is really difficult to kill at level 25, you can't really kill him using cheap cheesy moves, you must hunt him in human form(even if you've got by any chance both fish net and spear shot by the time level 25 werewolf assails you, you'd need to Spear shot him ATLEAST TWICE and NET HIM efficiently in order to drain his health points(given that you go with common army composition that is 12-18 rifles and 18-24 footmen - not gonna indulge in explaining why you need to go atleast at the beginning with this comp) To sum it up. Werewolf is strong, you just need to know how to play lol. Simple as that.

(There was an issue when there still has been a shield because you couldn't hunt him in his human form due to shield armour aye, speaking of which, delete gamebreaking winter owl already pls)

This map doesn't really need much to be done in order to balance it. Just nerf zombies(if you really do must have them ingame)
and perhaps lower spear requirement for spear shot from 200 to 175(max) and THAT'S IT!(fix ghoul bug lul)

About zombies, best and most economical thing in terms of time and effort required to do so would be just replacing dem bloody abilities(Infect, Haunted Corpse) with something SUPPORTIVE not annoying and giving COOLDOWN to CANNIBALISM or however it's called so that zombies don't eat out all fucking ghoul corpses on the map (if you add hunting villagers roaming with shovels and ghoul bug leaves you with absolutely ZERO ghouls at times) Idea of getting ressurected after eating xxx corpses? Useless imho, that would need to be a lot of fucking corpses right and if you die you lose everything, I can't see fresh villager living and surviving his life deep into the game.

About zombies being exp fodders? Done intentionally yes, but I'd like to emphasize one thing that Night lasts 3 minutes, meaning you need to be really decisive about what you're doing and good smart werewolf will obviously always try to reduce number of villagers in the game RIGHT? Atleast early on, so "Exp fodder" issue is what appears in the late game meaning it does nothing early on
so it's not like xxx zombie fegget decides to feed werewolf and werewolf gets fed to unreasonable extent early and then scores PENTAKILL on villagers so to speak. No. It's late game thing really and at the point where it doesn't really matter as werewolf is hard enough to kill already that he doesn't need to bother with leveling but he concentrates on tracking and hunting down peasants.

So yah, here is your perfect balance, everyone will be happy \o/


PS: Tbh, I was expecting that in current meta werewolf will fall in levels but it actually doesn't, sometimes obviously you get unlucky and animals spawn at weird places but haven't got much issues with leveling. Still getting level 6 midtime of night 2 just fine everytim :p) It probly should fall behind with levels but people just...can't hunt :D yes people suck at hunting, they have no idea how to hunt and that's why we don't fall in levels muahah!