Hero After Death(Wisp)

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Hero After Death(Wisp)

Postby chaosZ » Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:17 pm

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Range Hero Wisp

If ghost use skill on rabbit it would born under wisp, wisp it would be less starting damage like 20-25 compare to zombie;of course he will not born like vengefull zombie it would like be supporting character;
i also think possible skills;

:arrow: First skill will be HOLLY BLESSING wich gives heal to him and his allies;
1:That gives 100 hp 10 cd 50 mana;
2:That gives 200 hp 10 cd 100 mana;
3:That gives 300 hp 10 cd 150 mana;

:arrow: Second one can be ENT SUMMON;
1:Summon 2 ent for 30 sec 45 cd (idk mana :D)
2:Summon 3 ent for 30 sec 45 cd
3:Summon 4 ent for 30 sec 45 cd

:arrow: 3rd one ROOT CURSE;
1:Slow enemy %10 and -2 def (idk mana :D)
2:Slow enemy %15 and -3 def
3:Slow enemy %20 and -5 def

And 25 lvl skill can be the famoust default skill CHARM :D
Takes control of a target enemy unit. Charm cannot be used on Heroes, or creeps above level 5.
but for balance 45 sec cd and which charmed units should gain extra 300,400 or 500 hp O_O and +5 def :D pls

and also can give point after atrributes after skills like;
:arrow: +100 mana
:arrow: +1 sec/mana regeneration
:arrow: +10 dmg
:arrow: +5 movemand speed
:arrow: +100 hit point
so player can select his own wisp what it would be like.

Ofcourse wisp would not strong as zombie or lvl up fast as zombie :D

And i have additional ideas for wisp;

:idea: Phase Sift Skill;
This ciassic puck skill; after dust wisp can be invis for 2 sec so he can run from his enemies (especially from ww:D)

phaseshift.gif (3.5 KiB) Viewed 886 times

:idea: instead of ent summoning wisp can have 3 item slot, so he can pick up acorns and raise ent(like farming by this way maybe they will not get boring searching acorns:D) so he can alliance with living villagers for both side secure :D he can raise his ents at another villager secured base :D
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Re: Hero After Death(Wisp)

Postby Jesse James » Tue May 09, 2017 7:08 pm

I'm not sure we should complicate the mechanics of the game too further by allowing players different heroes upon death but perhaps we could have some sort of wisp or ent boss/event that could spice things up a bit.