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Maphacker yo

Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:25 pm
by Stormblessed

I came here to report maphacker, who isn't even hiding that he's maphacking(what he admitted in the 2nd game to which I am gonna leave here a reference), he doesn't care about getting banned as he claims so himself but I guess even then he should get perm right?

I always wait for the 2nd "demo" if I happen to suspect anyone, assuming 1st game could be A FLUKE(after watching replay obviously - and by constant fluke I mean finding my structures as level 7 zombie for example the moment I rebuild them lol =))), well if any of you happen to have time watch for yourself.

These 2 games:
2017-03-11 16-05 WEREWOLF +1 LAST CALL (42m06s) 6 players.w3g - Just wait for the part when he becomes zombie and dies for the first time, after ressurection such a IMPECCABLE sense and knowledge about where everything is at right? :)) [hm just fast forward to like 15 minutes~~~or the time when he's like level 7 fishing west lake gets killed by me I guess around that time ;P )
2017-03-05 13-02 Werewolf Trans! Come! +2 FH (41m40s) 7 players.w3g - here if my memory is correct he admitted to public that he's maphacking so.... yeah :D

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If this guy wasn't playing fairly often recently I'd just ignore this cheating punk, but sadly he does play quite a bit so I guess I should make it transparent. This guy is maphacking :-)
Also I am really not a fan of cheating in games, infact I despise it.

In case you guys too lazy to watch replays, I request my fellow teamkillers to hunt his ass down regardless :D

Storm with you.

Re: Maphacker yo

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:05 pm
by Stormblessed
I guess no one cares and forum basically is dead so...pity ://

Re: Maphacker yo

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:56 pm
by Falanor
No, mate. I need some time to watch the replay and I cant find it right now.
You have my permission to kick him in lobby if you see him again.

Re: Maphacker yo

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:45 pm
by Stormblessed
Ohh, so actually someone read my post xD Apologies then my mistake, felt like no one cared much so I kind of bumped thread in rude manner :x

Sorry Falanor, it's not like you are the only admin here so don't take it as I directed my sorrows directly at you for not answering earlier!! xd I just experessed my general regret ;3

Re: Maphacker yo

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:06 pm
by Jesse James
The forums have lulls of activity from time to time. It usually lulls just before summer as many of our members are students scrambling to get all of their affairs in order for the end of the school year.

As for not replying, I apologize. We're a volunteer group and we have to balance work and home. Sometimes this means VoF falls through the cracks. I read through the posts every day but sometimes I do not have the time to reply or give a satisfactory answer to forum members. I try to come back and reply when I am able to do so but sometimes I forget.

I also tend not to post to hacker posts for 2 reasons:

The first being, unfortunately, that I do not feel that there is all that much ability for us to stop them. It is very easy for a savvy individual to override any ban we might impose on them in a matter of moments. Whereas it takes us a considerably greater amount of time just to verify they are hackers and ensure we aren't banning legit players from the game. This is not a very efficient use of our times and I commend Falanor for trying. Free accounts and IP changes make it very difficult for us to enforce any sort of rules. To my knowledge we cannot ban CD-keys which would help. Even CD-key banning is only a temporary block though. To a hacker with a Key Generator or multiple keys it would be but an additional moment to remedy.

The second, that I imagine everyone playing the game would prefer that I invest my time to updating and maintaining the game rather than toiling away on the forums. I tend to gravitate towards suggestion and bug reporting posts because they are the most necessary for updating the game. I do venture out of those forums when I can though. This community is important to me and all the support you guys have given over the years is the reason I keep devoting my free time to this game and website.

In the future when you don't get a reply from an Admin right away I hope you can trust that we are doing our best to make WWT better behind the scenes. :mrgreen:

Re: Maphacker yo

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:07 pm
by Stormblessed
Meh, I've decided to post replays of every maphacker in this thread I confirmed so far along with request of kick permission for them

no point making new threads, I will just put everything in here I get for a xxx person, I know it's useless but still I'd rather do it than not do it.

2017-03-25 00-55 WEREWOLF 15 seconds last call (41m37s) 5 players.w3g

player " rockstarr" blatant maphacker, what else is there to say. obviously i checked the replay, it doesn't really take much, 5 minutes at best if the game is short so :P

Storm with you.