How to resolve issue with Lack of action in WW games

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Do you think it's a good idea to have 2 werevolves per 1 game?

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How to resolve issue with Lack of action in WW games

Postby British Merchant » Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:25 pm

I've not played this game since 4 years ago. I've recently started again and really enjoyed many changes that have been implemented into the game.

However ,the actual reason I stopped playing this game was the lack of action majority of 8 players get from the game.

I think if there was an option for players to chose new werewolf ,if the first one was killed (Not just first night/2nd day)it could eliminate this issue from the game. You can already see that when WW is killed first night in most games people chose to carry on , this is because most people are there to play a game not a Farmville. In many cases 6 players games get more action than 8 players game . And why is that? Werewolf is very weak and to defeat 7 good players is almost impossible nowadays.

My other suggestion is that there could be 2 werewolves chosen for 1 game , for example first one on the first night and second one later on in the game. I believe that this could ebalance the game and could eliminate issue with team killing as many pp. would be busy defending or hunting ww
I think that new players have no way to learn this game if it lasts less than 2 nights in a game and therefore if this could be implemented I believe many more players would join and learn the map and it could increase popularity of the map
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Re: How to resolve issue with Lack of action in WW games

Postby Jesse James » Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:00 pm

The werewolf needs a bit of a boost I agree. Though I am not certain this will increase activity in games. A lot of people like to roleplay in this game and that means building up their farm and villager. One thing we added to increase activity in the game was periodically spawning minions like the raiders and the pirates. It would be possible to create more involved events that can keep people occupied when they aren't currently being threatened by the werewolf (After all, he can realistically attack one or two people at a time).