my suggestion about ww

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my suggestion about ww

Postby Razvan » Mon Dec 05, 2016 2:31 pm

When ww is killing one villager, that guy is transforming in zombie and play by his oppinion. Mostly help other villagers. And this is sad because basicaly ww dosnt avoid an enemy, maybe only an potentialy army. I have a suggetion about this situation. When that ghost possess something two actions could occur:
1) The light side or villager advantage. Will become a zombie and he will play only for other villagers and help them to kill the werewolf.
2) The dark side or ww`s advantage. Will become a vampire (for example can be other thing, like a mini ww) and he will help werewolf to kill other villagers.
Those two options should be 50%-50%

And that`s because i dont think is fair when ww is killing a villager to not have any advantage by his move.

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Re: my suggestion about ww

Postby Pwnage » Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:29 pm

Razvan, thank you for your suggestion! Unfortunately, I don't see the appeal in restricting people to a 'side,' particularly since being a zombie indicates your failure as a villager (failed to survive, the goal of the villager), but the cause of death is not mutually exclusive to a werewolf executioner. Villagers killing villagers is allowed, and happens rather frequently, so it would seem rather unfair to a zombie, slain by a fellow villager, to be forced to now help that player survive. Furthermore, if you take the goals of the game in a more abstract notion, if you are killed and become a zombie, there may be some redemption in killing the werewolf yourself. As a matter of opinion, I found this quite entertaining to do so in an earlier version (1.24) when culling was preposterously potent at leveling your villager. You could get to level 25 @ Day or Night 2, kill yourself via dynamite, and resurrect as a max-level zombie, much more powerful than any villager of the same level, and guaranteed to be stronger than the wolf for at least 2 more cycles of night. You could wreak havoc with minimal effort, and kill the werewolf rather reliably if you acted quickly.

It's true that the zombie class is more undefined than the villager or werewolf, but there's still some ambiguity in both of those classes as well. For example, take the following allowed scenarios:
  • Two villagers base together, 1 is wolf, they help each other; who wins? Does the wolf kill the villager? The villager kill the wolf?
  • One villager decides to exterminate everyone looking for the wolf (or just trolling) and then kills himself. Does the wolf win since everyone was exterminated?
  • The werewolf is discovered first night by a player, and he chooses to inform the wolf and also not to rat him out, simultaneously refusing to hunt for the wolf. What is his purpose to the game?

WWT exists as a rather ambiguous game for everyone other than the wolf, who's sole goal is to eradicate all other life. This makes it a bit of a nightmare to design a rating system (as I have discovered) but allows for great variety in gameplay. Perhaps restricting this freedom will increase quality of play, but maybe not. I'm very open to being convinced, and this suggestion is a great start!

Keep brainstorming and sharing your ideas, we're always willing to improve the quality of the game, though sometimes you may get my objecting two cents on the subject at hand :)