New Special Abilities and Easter Eggs

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New Special Abilities and Easter Eggs

Postby SarKonTaLk » Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:17 am

I would like to propose some interesting ideas for new special abilities.This is only a draft. The values and details need adjusting.

New Special Abilities:

Charm (Obtained from mining 50 golden ores)
Description: The hard labor and the accumulated fortune has made you more musculine and attractive to the ladies.
Effect: Chance to capture the wife of another Villager. (or a chance to produce a child with the wife of another villager) OR Capture a neutral female NPC as wife (can place one or two wife NPCs at the top of the map around the decorative buildings) AND Casts Silence for 6 secs.
Can only be used if the villager still doesn't have a wife or his wife has been killed or sacrificed to the necromancer.
Easter Egg: The ability can be used on the Herbalist for some cool item (to be decided) or for some free magic mushrooms or potions.

Axe Swing (Obtained from harvesting 1000 lumbers with the villager)
Description: Cutting down trees has never been easier for an expert woodcutter like you.
Effect: Cuts down a tree (and maybe grants 200 lumber) AND also deals 300 damage.
The effect can have a larger cooldown to avoid abuse.
Easter Egg: You can create decorative (clickable/invulnerable) larger trees on some crossroads (or just on one specific spot) on the map, which stand on the side of narrow passes. Using the ability on those special trees will block the way (as if the tree was cut to block it) by summoning chopped tree (building type, not repairable) with 2000 health standing on the way. Using the ability again on the fallen tree can clear the way (which means that villagers with that ability will have an advantage of creating or passing those obstacles). For example, you can allow players to block the narrow rock pass that leads to the south-east lake or to block some of the cave entrances or maybe even put some of those "cuttable trees" on the entrance of possible base locations. It will allow the players to create tree/log wall. It will be an effective way to limit the werewolf movements or an interesting trick to block him while he is chasing you (adrenaline rush and then cut that special tree behind you). Or you can also introduce a secret item for that effect (Chainsaw) or purchasable Axe items (depletable) from the wandering woodsman.

Grave-digger (Obtained from burying 30 werewolf corpses)
Description: The long hours of shoveling corpses has made you an expert in the art of grave digging.
Effect: Same effect as shovel but with larger radius and/or less cooldown.
Easter Egg: Grave-digger can be used to dig up skull (for death bell late game) (just using shovel will no longer work) or some cool secret item from the graveyard (maybe the proposed Chainsaw or 3 special dynamite sticks that can "collapse" [disable the teleportation of] any 3 cave entrances allowing the cave to be turned into one way base simply by dropping them at special rocks [building type] placed next to each entrance).
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Re: New Special Abilities and Easter Eggs

Postby Skeleetone » Sun Aug 07, 2016 1:10 am

These all sound pretty good, it would be nice to have more incentive to do these lesser known/done tasks and be rewarded for them; the lumber one also being beneficial to those who prefer to stay in their base (which is a bit out of the meta). Only other idea i have for a special ability/Easter eggs would to have a reward for killing neutral creeps, other than a sum of gold which can be obtained from 2~ deer pelts.
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Re: New Special Abilities and Easter Eggs

Postby Jesse James » Sun Aug 07, 2016 2:39 am

I'm not entirely sure how to react to a suggestion that we should program being a home wrecker into the game haha.

I like the idea of a special ability for harvesting a large amount of lumber but being able to destroy trees abundantly could be problematic. I think the ramifications should definitely be discussed on that particular ability.

Grave digging is also a neat concept. Something we should consider carefully as we begin to tinker with the wolf and his minions in coming versions.
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Re: New Special Abilities and Easter Eggs

Postby SarKonTaLk » Sun Aug 07, 2016 3:54 am

At this point people can cut trees with the item Whims of the Druid. It is openly available to anyone to purchase from the castle shop.

If the Axe Swing ability is given large enough cooldown it would make it impracticle to use for home wrecking. Whims of the Druid on the other hand is a good way to achieve that, given that it has no cooldown.

Note that villagers can regrow trees using that item too, so they can recover their base easily. I think the proposed ability will come in handy to actually help shape your own base. For example, cutting trees that just stand in the way of making towers or planting crops.

PS: The Charm ability can also have an additional effect of casting Silence on a unit (the unit won't be able to use spells for a short period of time [6 secs], due to confusion). It will be a good way to block zombie attacks or werewolf prowl ability for a short duration or special abilities of another villager during a fight. [appended to the first post]