Hermit chief,mushroom cakes

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Hermit chief,mushroom cakes

Postby Wolfslayer » Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:59 pm

I was thinking for another way how to use mushrooms,and a secret one.
Another brewing item but unuasuall:the mushrooms cake.The recipe for that would be:5 mushrooms,1 magic mushroom,spring water,wheat and the brewing recipe.
Ask:What brewing recipe?
Here is the difference by the simple brewing items.This cake is brewed by the cauldron but there isn t an icon for this brewing item so people doesn t know know,this excist.
Ask:how to get the recipe?
Now this may seem complicated.
There is a wandering man that is spawned in the second night.This man can be founded wandering around 4 places(sure,the places will be random like the sisters or the diamond):the lucky rabbit s place,the skull zone,the merchant ship and around the burned village by raiders.Untill the 6th night he is invisible and can be discovered by dust of appereance,enchanted oaks,lanterns etc.When discovered he will run in different places in the map.Has high speed and you must use the adrenaline rush.Ah,forgot to tell you.First u must have a net with urself.Use the net in the man.When u re near him use the net.Then click him.He will disappear but he ll leave a recipe in ground.It s name is mushrooms s cake recipe.When u pick it a message will appear:..What is this?..Now get the ingredients and together with the recipe go near a cauldron.U don t have whay to click in cauldron so click the recipe.Now u ve brewed the mushrooms s cake.It heals u over,gives u 200 hp and a bonus to attack speed by 30%.Now u can brew as many cakes as u want but in the other cakes there isn t a a bouns to speed anymore.Sounds hard to get it,but I was thinking for a new way for how to use mushrooms.Please comment fast and give ur opinion. :D
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Re: Hermit chief,mushroom cakes

Postby Pwnage » Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:36 pm

I appreciate the suggestion, but I give it no support. It wouldn't be worth the effort to add such a complex subquest for the reward you've proposed.
Firstly, there already exist much more efficient ways to dramatically and permanently increase your health that are significantly more sustainable than picking up mushrooms. Likewise, there already exists a potion that increases movement speed temporarily which you mentioned once and also mentioned attack speed which can be permanently increased with three different items in your inventory.

In the future, recall the items that currently exist and stay conscientious of the time it takes to program certain suggestions. Feasibly, long-winded suggestions will most likely never be implemented. That being said, once again, thank you for your suggestion :mrgreen: