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Postby Pwnage » Sun May 05, 2013 1:59 pm

Indeed we did, Tone. It would look weird, but it's the easiest fix by a long shot and will allow for a 0% chance of people trapping the salesmen. \
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Postby Tonex » Sun May 05, 2013 3:57 pm

Give them jet packs so they can fly legit.
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Postby GAcrewkent » Sun Jul 06, 2014 11:20 am

Set a player setting:-
Step 1: Red, Blue, Teal (or Cyan/Aqua), Purple, Green, Gray/Grey, Light blue and Dark green = villagers + Brown = werewolf (basic Werewolf - Transylvania player settings)
Step 2: Now I would like to add-in vampire to this map, controlled by a Brown computer AI. And the werewolf player changes the player color to orange (Player 6), and ally with villagers against the vampire.

Step 1: Make the vampire active in night, hunting down animals to create a minion same as werewolf. When see a villager within his sight 800 radius, order him to kill the villager, if a barricade,
such like Gate, fences and etc., order him to stop, to break the barricade.
Step 2: When almost morning (about 05:30), order him back to the castle, pause him and make a "sleeping-buff". When night, unpause him and get started to hunt down villagers.

New things also:-
A. When allied, do not attack with both other.
Step 1: When player X want to ally with player Y, the text will show to the player X: "You've allied with [player Y]!". And this time the text also shown to player Y: "[player X] was made an ally
with you! Type "-ally [player X's color]" to make an ally."
Step 2: After two players have allied, make a trigger which do not allow attack with both other, like this:
[TriggerName]-[Events] Unit - A unit <Is Attacked>, [Conditions] <Owner of <Attacking Unit>> is an ally of <Owner of <Attacked Unit>> + <Owner of <Attacked Unit>> is an ally of <Owner of
<Attacking Unit>> (Both must be "TRUE"), [Actions] Unit - Order <Attacking Unit> to <Stop>
B. When becomes a zombie, give the player whose villager becomes it two choices.
Step 1: Make a dialog to the player whose villager becomes zombie titled "Do you want to ally with villagers and werewolf?".
Step 2: Two choices: "Yes" and "No"
Step 3: If he chosen "Yes", make a trigger like A2, but need to change a bit. (Do it yourself, because I'm lazy to type X).)
Step 4: If he chosen "No", make a trigger that unally with villagers and werewolf, ally with vampire to kill them.

That's all.