New secret Heroes: Dracula and Van Helsing.

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New secret Heroes: Dracula and Van Helsing.

Postby Tonex » Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:52 pm

Imo Van Helsing should have a rifle if he does get added. But the Villager shouldn't get a ranged upgrade against non-animal units, as that would be pretty op, as you would be able to kite other Villagers
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Re: New secret Heroes: Dracula and Van Helsing.

Postby abextadoo » Tue May 13, 2014 7:30 pm

I agree with you, Tonex. A rifle IS an rigged advantage against other heroes.
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Re: New secret Heroes: Dracula and Van Helsing.

Postby abextadoo » Tue Aug 05, 2014 5:56 pm

Good news to my dream of seeing Van Helsing on werewolf! I've been looking on hiveworkshop for someone to make the eubz archer with a cloak and a hero aura and z00rtaz made it for me! Jesse, if you decide to use the unit please give credit to these 2 guys, they are very nice fellows and helped on almost everything I asked them.
You can find the model of Van Helsing with a cloak and a hero aura here: ... ia-255616/
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Re: New secret Heroes: Dracula and Van Helsing.

Postby abextadoo » Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:35 am

One think I wanted you gentlemen to have in mind is that these new characters Im suggesting to the game are not just some "new easter eggs" NO! If you want to become Dracula or Van Helsing you will go on a CAREER for it. That means all your game play will change and your strategy will also change towards this new life stile.

The Helsing career will focus on going out at night (supported with military units that are good against the werewolf) "cleaning" the map from werewolf spawns & chasing the werewolf, if the werewolf finds him and his army can't beat the werewolf his invisibility skill gives him a (second) chance to get away from the werewolf alive (this skill will have a considerable cooldown, that means if the werewolf finds you out again you're dead).

Dracula is supposed to get even stronger than the werewolf himself in the late game. (He has a SEVERE disadvantage (even bigger than the werewolf disadvantage of a double life) that is not being able to go out on daylight so werewolf X Dracula on the night should be a fair battle on the late game (level 15+ Dracula X level 15+ werewolf) that means if Dracula wants to win the game he must make minions and try to level up fast, and the most powerful minion he can make will be vampire wife.
This career would also require a lot the use of the "clockwork villager" in order to get income and work on things in the morning.

If the werewolf wants to win the game he must find out who is Dracula and focus on destroying his base in the morning (if so he kills Dracula); and who is Helsing and focus on attacking Helsing's base and killing his wife (he can only shift to the ranged attack to attack Werewolf/Dracula & minions, so in the morning you are just attacking another villager). It will be tough to attack a Helsing's Bunker Base at night, but not impossible. He is a late game villager because he spent some time on the quests to become Helsing so this should also be an advantage for you.

By the way, heres a link to watch buffy the vampire slayer series I hope you enjoy (=
it has a lot of links before showing the video, but keep searching to the video you wanna watch that one time it will run for you.
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Jesse James
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Re: New secret Heroes: Dracula and Van Helsing.

Postby Jesse James » Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:41 am

I really like the idea of Van Helsing. I think it would be neat to have a "dedicated" path of violence that takes you away from village life (hunting, fishing, farming).

However, I just don't think the idea fits the current modality of Werewolf Transylvania on Warcraft 3. I feel like these designs would be better suited in a game that is dedicated to an RPG approach rather than a village builder.

We can't do everything we would like to do with WWT, but that doesn't mean if (and that is a big if) we make a stand alone game we can't use these ideas.

It's a great idea, but I just don't see it making it into the WC3 version of WWT.
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Re: New secret Heroes: Dracula and Van Helsing.

Postby tommoss » Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:21 pm

abextadoo wrote:Here's the thing.. you make a sequence of secrets and secret quests in order to make the villager who first solves them all become dracula/Helsing. The unit must discover your hero's history and make things in order to transform into a vampire/helsing.
An important thing is to make the quests in a way only one (the first to do) villager is able to do it, and make the dracula/helsing quests not interfere on each other.

Vlad II Dracul (Dracula's father)
Member of the Order of the Dragon
Hanged for heresy and murderers.

Count Dracula
Vlad Tepes (Vlad III) Draculea

He has superhuman strength which, according to Van Helsing, is equivalent to that of 20 strong men.
Being undead, he is immune to conventional means of attack he can be killed by the traditional vampire methods
(silver bullets, wooden stakes, iron and/or steel weapons, wild rose (blood rose), holy water, etc.).

Dracula would be more an advantage for the werewolf then for villagers I believe, since Dracula's players will probably focus their gameplay on getting more vampire wives for their harem. But that doesn't mean ww likes him, on the contrary, a pro ww should know dracula is a rival that goes stronger each passing night as well, and the ability of flying on all his minions will make him and he's troops a real plague/annoyng hit and run bitch for his villager's base on later game.

If Vampire & minions do not hide on the caslte/tent/farm/plantation during the mornig, it will take considerable damage over time on the morning, no matter if dracula is on vampire, bat or villager form. (make this damage comes into something like the icarus (from dota) supernova damage art diplay; something like that sounds as if the unit is getting sunburned heavily).

Make it enable for dracula's minions (vamp son/wife/gargoyles) to hide on castle. Dracula will have to hide only in his tent/farm/plantation. This will force him to make a decent base, and give other players a chance to kill him im the morning (only a fool/noob would dare not running/fighting ww/dracula in the open at night, that adds terror/horor to the game).

has a 6 itens inventory; same itens as it's villager has.

This 3 ones are already with the hero, do not require leveling:

Bat/Vampire form: Enables you to shift between ground and air form, making you enable to move over
cliffs,trees,water,etc. Moves a bit slower (25%) on air. Bat form deals less damage and has lower
atack speed.

Human/Vampire form: Enables you to shift between villager and vampire form. Your Vlad III name will sell you out however (but it will require the person to click and look at your name)..

Vampire Cloak: Makes you invisible, but your moviment speed will be setled for (-30) your current moviment speed. (cost mana, has a one entire night cooldown). You can use invisibility while flying!

(abilities enabled by both vampire/bat forms:)

Vamire Lord Combat Toughness: Render this unit with spell resistance (20/40/60%) also increase its
strength and agility by 3+ (+3 each time you level).

Vampire Atacks: Gives (10/17/25%(the increase as you level)) your atack will deal 2x your base atack as bonus damage, and stun for 0.1/0.3/0.5 seconds.

Sleep: Put an unit to sleep, like the dreadlord's ability; the diference is it will cost less cooldown,less mana and increase sleep time as you level it. (works weaker on heroes like ww, van hels., villager, zombie, ww hero minions). Lesser effect on heroes like villager or werewolf.

Ultimate (lvl6 + ability) skill (only enabled when on vampire form:)
Vampire Bite: You bite an unit, drinkin its blood. kills (can't be cast on heroes like villager, hellsing,
ww, or ww hero minions) an enemy unit. and fully restores your hp.(small range for cast) When cast you and that unit will
be paused for (4(lvl1)/2(lvl2))secs and both can be damaged,stunned,etc. during that (something like banshee's posetion, but killing/converting unit into vamp. wife). Spell channeling is stopped if stunned or if you (Dracula) cancel it.

(Special: If cast on an wife the unit is turned into a vampire wife, that can fly and has a considerable atack and
will over time give dracula 5 (per wife, no limit of vampire wifes) vampire sons.
The biting time on the wife should be very short (1 or 2 seconds) in a way the vilager don't have time to kill it.

Quests to become Dracula (suggestion):
- Vampire cloak quest (Kill the elusive stag, get a blood fish, buy a carving knife, and those itens will shift to a cloak that can give you invisibility for 5,etc secs at the cost of 50,etc. mana. Has a one entire night time of cooldown.)
- Grave quest (Find your father's grave and it will trigger your name switch to Vlad III).
- Become a Vampire (Bring your wife at night to the necromancer so that she becomes a vampire wife).

Abraham Van Helsing

He will look like a Robin hood archer in game: Stealth, nice to the poor (noobs) and tough with players he might consider as werewolf. I heard on the forums suggestions to make a wolfslayer career.. well Van Helsing's idea is just the thing!

Quests to become Helsing:
- Helsing bow quest (kill a treant and take its oak wood, slay the prize boar and take its belly to forge hellsing's bow).
- Grave quest (find your son's grave and it will trigger your wife maddness efect (shell be like chicken: you'll lose control over her movements).

Human/Helsing form: Switch between human and helsing forms, with itens preserved.

Craft enchanted arrow: Requires 1 rabit pelt + 5 iron ore + blood rose + spring water = craft an enchanted arrow that deals bonus damage to the werewolf and dracula.

Ultimate: Track: Shows the location of the werewolf and dracula. Level 2 gives unit vision for a short time. One IMPORTANT thing is making that skill (or even considering something else as ultimate, maybe goes invisible) not be able to be used in the day/night or night/day turning time because that would be a cheap way of finding out which villager is the Werewolf/Dracula.

If you are too tired to think on the problem that this ability might cause I suggest as an alternative ultimate the going invisible one (with at least one night/day time cooldown so that if the werewolf finds you out 2 times in the same night he has a chance to kill you.

One important thing as well is that Van Helsing CAN ONLY RANGED ATTACK Werewolf & minions and Dracula & minions. So it won't be a rigged advantage against other villagers.

The grave quest is simply:

Going to the grave of your son (Helsing):

Conditions: Have the bow on your hands and a wife. Comes near your son's grave (which would be a beauty grave with flowers and
birds around it, and every time someone comes near that grave a message appears: "Here lies Jeremiah Van Helsing.")

It would trigger the following things:
The following message would appear on your screen:
"My mind has been so busy these days that I have never came here again since the Remembrance Day... just hoped my wife could
get over our son's death and live on peace again..."

Your Villager's Name would change to "Abraham".

You would lose control over the "wife" unit, she would then walk randomly on the cenario (like the boar/chicken units) that
would lead the nice thing of "pro" players who would become Helsing take the aditional caution of puting their wifes inside
their Plantation (main building) before taking the final step into becoming Helsing (the grave quest).

If your wife gets killed (or turned into a vampire wife) your Helsing unit would suffer heavy penalties (make it's total base hp decrease,
major main damage decrease, leaving Helsing threat to WW & minions, Dracula & minions being only due to crafting and firing his enchanted arrows)
and the following message would appear on Helsing's screen:
"Your wife is dead. A sadness of living takes control of you now..."


Going to the grave of your father, Vlad II (Dracula):

Conditions: Have the "Vampire Cloak" on your hands. Comes near your father grave (which would be a wood plank, something very old and dirty, with bugs around it) and every time someone comes near that grave a message appears:
"Here lies Vlad II, hanged for heresy".)(I thought the message hanged for heresy would make the players wonder "what creepy reason could be that Dracula's father would be hanged? And why is the church destroyed?, that adds fear, imagination and intrigue to the game...")

It would trigger the following things:
The following message would appear on your screen:
"Those insolent idiots will pay for this outrage! You WILL be avenged for this I promise you, father..."

Your Villager's Name would change to "Vlad III".

The last quest for becoming Dracula would be turning yourself into a vampire.
I've seen the necromancer that kills wife is something very few used on the game and something that is not an advantage at all (you lose precious time and your wife unit for "extra vision"!? pointless...), the ghost wife has also some bugs at it like when you pick the tunnels to travel between regions she simply stops following you... so I suggest you switch that to the necromancer turning you into a vampire. That would require that your villager name be Vlad III (requires that you do the grave quest), and bring yourself to the necromancer on the night (you don't want to become Dracula during the day, for obvious (dying) reasons). Once you are there you get transformed into a vampire, and the following message appears on your screen:
"Muhahaha! At last, our revenge will finally start..."

(also, I heard that Jesse wants to get rid of as many "Easter eggs" as possible on the game, but he's having trouble to do so because the fans like a lot the ones that already exist, like the Death Bell, Thunder Lizard and the Scarecrow. If you want my opinion about that I believe the "Easter eggs" that already exists on the game shouldn't be destroyed because the fans like everything you made on the game, and destroying triggers, units, things on the map is a big waste. Also, keep in mind that these things have a little important factor to distinguish the "pro" players from the "noobs" which I believe is something a bit important for the gameplay since gamers like to be rewarded for knowing more about the game they play. In my opinion the major problem is BALANCING the secrets in a way it does NOT turn into a huge advantage for the player that finds it, because that would make the noobs find the game to tough and unfair for them.
I will give example of things that, in my personal opinion, needs URGENT rebalancing:
Cheese is rigged, and takes almost no real trouble to aquire one.
Death Bell life steal aura is TOO powerful.
Scarecrow was rigged in the past, and useless in the present. If you want my opinion, I believe a small "damage return" property wouldn't hurt anyone, your attempts to remove this Easter eggs has made the fans very disappointed so I wouldn't remove it if I were you.
The bush from the "Witch Doctor" takes a lot of time to be crafted and is too weak considering all the trouble you have made to make it.
I like all the mystery that players get on their heads when they see this unit, so I wouldn't remove this Easter egg. What about instead of a bush it gives a consumable item that grants the villager who consume the item the ability of true sight? That would make this secret a lot more useful and balanced...
Finally one of my favorite ones is the mysterious "diseased" fish that is on the southeast of the map. Now it's an useless thing, and If you are too tired to think/do something nice with it I suggest It be consumed for a bonus hp, stats, whatever...
But on the other hand I have something better in my mind to make of this little guy. If I were you I would make it part of the "Swimmer's Suit" item:
Swimmer's suit: Requires blue fish, blood fish, green fish, purple fish, etc. (all fishes, I don't remember them all right now) and a carving knife. Once you have all this items (its a secret item, like the vampire cloak and the helsing bow) it would trigger and auto item cast, consuming all this itens and giving you the Swimer's Suit. This item allows the player using it the ability to move wile "breading underwater", and lowers considerably the cooldown of the "breath underwater" ability. )

During the suggestion I've seen the question "Why Werewolf would want to base itself on an old novel?" Here's my aswer: Because that "old" novel was a MAJOR success at the time and still is even nowadays, being rewrited and turned into a movie several times. I believe taking inspiration from what makes success should be on VoF's plans...

I had put some links here as well of good sites to read for inpiration over the idea and I shall do so again, cause I believe in WWT future and that one day Werewolf Transylvania will be an independent awesome game that will leave VoF and all of us proud of it (=

Abraham Van Helsing:
this one is more for lore of afiliations, etc.:

Vlad III Dracula, the impaler:

Bufy the vampire hunter is also a nice television series that should be viewed for inspiration.

Here's a nice Dracula movie (I recommend watching it when mom is outside, it has some cool titshowing images on it.. =P )
(Link 1 try it first because it has english subtitles on some parts):
(Link 2):
in case none of those links work for you type in google Bram Stoker's dracula and you might find the movie. You tube has only small cutscenes.

My post has been crashed! (I don't know how or why, but I'll try to restore what I remember)
This time I saved the text of this suggestion. So if it get crashed again I'll keep fixing and fixing, because I'm Tiririca and
Tiririca never gives up, "abestado"!

i love all dracula movies..