New Tower suggestions

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New Tower suggestions

Postby abextadoo » Sun Oct 21, 2012 2:38 pm

Oak seed towers are very newbish/childish things the way it is in wwt v1.23. I have some suggestions for new towers that will make
mining for iron ore/ gold veins and merchant careers more powerful and useful.

Here's the idea: instead of buying a lot of oak seed towers easily on villager market you'll have to gather items and give them to Medieval Castle engineer in order to make cannon/ magic towers.

The tower you buy on villager market will be scout tower item; an useless (no atack) tower.

Medieval Castle Engineer: A merchant at some point of the map witch will make those towers for you.

Watch Tower: Requires 10 iron ore + 10 gold vein + Scout Tower.
A tower with piercing atack.

Now the hot stuff are the Canon/Magic towers. Heres the idea:

Cannon Tower: Requires 30 gold vein + 20 iron ore + Wood Alchoohol + Scout tower.
A Powerful tower witch requires cannon bullets loaded to atack. Deals area damage, and has a chance to stun atacked units.

Magic Tower (Frost/Fire): Requires 30 gold vein + 20 iron ore + Blood Rose + Scout tower.
A Powerfull tower wich requires frost/fire orbs loaded to atack. Deals magic damage, it's atack burn mana (burned mana will deal a lil bit aditional damage) and has special atack:
Frost: slow atacked unit's moviment speed and atack speed (cold damage animation on atack).
Fire: Burn atacked unit, dealing damage over time (fire damage animation on atack).
When both fire/frost towers atack an unit, it will have the very unpleasent feeling of getting burn damage over time and slow atack&moviment speed combos.
The frost/fire/canon towers combo will be even worse, with the unit getting addicionally the chance of being stunned!. This will be good to repel thieves from getting in your base..

The tower ideas sounds nice for wwt players that likes making competent bunker bases (but as you can see on the post, it will take much,much more work then buying/building 10,000 oak seed towers).

Here are the image links for a better idea of the hole thing:
The towers:
dalaran/earth furry tower have a beter art display for a magic tower in my opinion, but if you'r feeling tired you could use the boulder/ice&fire towers.
The ammo for special towers:
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