Zombie Ballance requests - For Improved gameplay! (please read)

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Zombie Ballance requests - For Improved gameplay! (please read)

Postby X_TheLegend27_X » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:33 pm

Altough, I myself like being a zombie in late-game, there really need to be some Ballances, in my opinion.

Ballance Requests:
- Exp reward for cleaning 'victims' a.k.a Werewolf Minion corpses. (About 20-30 exp per removed corpse) --> Encourages Zombies to fufill their purpose, to help out remaining players and getting a moderate amound of Exp as reward.
- Less HP loss (Via decay) for lower level zombies, but minor HP loss will last until lvl 20, instead of lvl 15. --> this makes zombies able to survive and level up easier, espesialy if they've been killed in early game.
- A little more armor, especialy earned by leveling. (So they won't get killed in 6 hits by the Werewolf at lvl 25) --> 1 armor at level 1, instead of -1 and 10 or 12 armor at level 25, instead of 6. --> this makes them a bit tougher, but not like any destructive tank like the werewolf is.
- More movement speed for Wandering spirits (To grand them a kinda scout role) --> I don't know what the current movement speed of them is, but i think it's somewhere in between 240-270, but my request is to make it about 300.
- Increased life drain from will o' wisps (not more damage, just more heal for your zombie) --> because, right now, it hardly seems to restore any health, especialy at low level.
- Increased field of sight during night, slightly decreased field of sight during the day. --> because typically, zombies have poor vision in sunlight and could do with a little boost during the night, with all of those Victims/minions wandering about.
- It's nice you've given zombies Chaos damage, but then again, their armor type is Unarmored... Please change this to either heavy or Hero armor type, because zombies don't typically have much armor already and those musketeers and swordsmen of the Werewolf really hurt...

thanks for reading ;)
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Why I think these changes would improve gameplay

Postby X_TheLegend27_X » Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:28 pm

I'm suprised no one replied yet. I was all too excited making this thread and posting it, since it would really improve the gameplay in my opinion and the stay ratio of people... maybe not..?

Welp, anyways.

Still, I think this suggestion has'nt received the attention it deserves.. So I'm just gonna leave this reply in here and to not get reported for 'double posting' or anything I'm gonna leave some useful information beyond this line.

Reasons why these changes would improve the gameplay of Werewolf Trans (purely based on personal opinion and asumptions)

1. It could increase the stay rate of people, since it'll be more intruiging to play as a zombie, but also not too over powered or preferible over the villager role.
2. Zombies are almost essential in late game play to clean up victim corpses troughout the map to hinder the wolves' progress.
3. In my opinion (and many others), being a zombie in the early game is not fun and too hard, this causes many people to leave a.k.a less stay ratio, a.k.a less players, a.k.a less fun... Implementing the suggestion about the HP loss/decay would'nt fix this problem, but surely help .
4. As a zombie, no matter what level you are, you are nothing but a little pup when you face off against the werewolf. Not because you cant do anything or your low speed, but the main problem is the armor and the dacay. By applying the suggesions about the armor amound and armor type would surely not make zombies too over powered, but at least a little tougher and able to take more hits in combat.

Thats everything for now, but I do still have a little question to ask;

Who thought it would be a good idea to give zombies the infect abillity, altough useful for scouting, it serves no other purpose than feeding the werewolf exp and making it able to create more victims... I mean, raising your army of zombie animals... AGAINST THE WOLF!?!? It's just no use in my opinion, since all you do is bringing a large group of weak forest critters together in a convinient way for the wolf to come along, easily snatch your animals and gain lots of new victims and about 1 to 3 level in the mean time...
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Re: Zombie Ballance requests - For Improved gameplay! (please read)

Postby Falanor » Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:07 am

Hello, friend!

We do read all the messages, we just don’t have much time to reply these days, it usually takes more that few days.
I will reply to all your suggestions here.

Our main goal right now is to make sure that games are dynamic enough and do not last too long. We have several games of 6+ hours, this is a bit too much.
As a solution, we make werewolf stronger each night until he is unstoppable. That means if a player sits in his cozy base until late game, he will die.
One big problem that we still have is werewolf being too weak. It’s enough to have 1-2 good players against experienced wolf to down him, while other players just hide In their bases.

1. Zombies
I know that Pwnage had some major changing plans on those, not sure what exactly though.
Many players think that zombies are too annoying and should be removed from the game.

Having weak werewolf, you want to make zombies even more powerful, I don’t think it’s the right way. I had a suggestion to make zombies werewolf’s semi-minions, but I don’t think we will do this either. Let’s wait for what Pwnage has In his mind.

2. Acute Sences
As I said above, we want game to become more dynamic, meaning sitting in bases tactic is not the goal. I’d do the opposite of what you suggested, hide villagers that wander around, but this doesn’t make any sense, yet it’s already hard enough for werewolf to find his victims.
I do like the idea of using shared vision instead of just pinging.

3. Brewing and other recipes
I love those! We shall certainly add some of it.

4. Shovel ‘Burry’ ability
We do have a random crop that shovel can spawn right now. However, your idea sounds more fun. It may be technically challenging though. I’m not sure though why would you want to burry something in the ground. We don’t have super valuable items in game. Yet I can imagine myself trying to tell a friend where that buried item is, and it seems that it would be easier to get a new one instead of searching for buried.
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Shovel Abillity purpose

Postby X_TheLegend27_X » Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:32 am

About the shovel abillity,
I would use it burry spare fishbait for later use, crops to sell them later and refrain from people stealing them, unique items like broken bell to annoy people who need it and finnaly to hide tools for later use (like mob torch, fishing rod, spare shovel )

Maybe some other idea i've just came up with is secrets hidden troughout the map.
Like you can find tombs of experience, so you'll be able to dig up treasure. Also, you could make this dig abillity required to obtain the pirate booty.

How to obtain locations of treasure?
I came up with a genius way!

Do you guys know the 'marked place restock mechanism?', were basicaly items can be bought once and new shop items will fill the interface over time.
Welp, I'm not sure but 'Shady villagers' dont serve a purpose right now, right?
Just have them randomly sell maps to random treasures!

The maps are completely randomly sold (for quite a price) and depending on what kind map it is, determines the treasure it'll lead you too. Example: "Golden map" will lead to for example a treasure chest with like 1500-2500 gold, but the map will only cost 800 gold, but then again, it might be on the other side of the map and you'll spend your entire day to obtain it.

Left-click the map in your inventory to ping the mini map, at the treasures location, 10 second cooldown.
Treasures will be at random locations, just make sure they can't spawn within trees or mountains.
Treasures won't initialy be in the map, until someone has obtained the relevant treasure map.
Only the player with the treasure map, is able to dig up the relevant treasure.
The treasure map can't be sold or dropped, but will dissapear once the treasure is dug up.

Suggestion in maps / treasures
- golden map - costs 800 gold, leads to an treasure chest worth 1500-2500 gold
- Green map - costs 650 gold, leads to an acient artifact that basically gives thorn aura + the power to entangle a foe for 10 seconds, dealing 12 damage per second, lasts only 3.5 seconds on heroes.
- Blue map - costs 800 gold. Leads to an artifact called the sacred sailors boots. Grants the wearer a 25% speed boost and a moderate hp regeneration while in water + the abillity to summon a water elemental for 100 mana (450 hp, 20-24 damage and 0 heavy armor), lasts 30 seconds, 35 second cooldown. NOTE: treasure can only be found in water.
- red map - costs 700 gold. Leads to a relic called the Orb of Flames. Gives the wearer immorelation (the fire, damage aura) and the abillity to attack animals without spears, as well as an damage bonus of 10, 12 or 15.
- broken map - costs 150 gold. Leads to one of the cemetairies on the map and makes you able to dig up the broken bell, rather than just finding it.
- purple map - costs 350 gold. Leads to an forgotten artifact called the Staff of Reanimation. Makes you able to reanimate a fallen non-mechanical unit for 50 mana, lasts 60 seconds. Has a 75 second cooldown.
- devils' map - costs 1666 gold (also very rare and hard to obtain). Leads you to somewhere within the blighted woods and contains the doombringer, a mighty artifact carried over to our world via a meteorite. It gives the wearer aura of blight (a regeneration bonus while standing on blight) and the abillity to periodically create blight at target locations, 350 AoE, 30 second cooldown) and also the abillity to cast finger of death (500 divine damage, instantly), 30 second cooldown.
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Acute Sences change

Postby X_TheLegend27_X » Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:55 am

The change of the Acute Sences abillity would'nt be so bad as you might think.
You see, playes would only get about 1 night of 'guranteed' survival... Because, like I said; once the Werewolf becomes level 12 and puts another skill point in acute sences again, it'll not only ping, but also give shared vision to ballance it out. And he'll still see villagers walking trough the wilderness, which is acute sences' original purpose, right?
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Re: Zombie Ballance requests - For Improved gameplay! (please read)

Postby KidsEatFree » Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:46 pm

In regards to zombies and the removal of zombies I say the following.

Player elimination games are notororious for losing their play base if no option exists for continued play after lose. Can zombies by something better? Sure. But it's important to keep in mind what role zombies have in gane.

That purpose is to allow defeated players to still play the game, which in turn helps reduce player turn over within the community. If interested in knowing more look up Jamie Stonemyer, James Maith, or Lyte from Riot about the negative effects on the player base when elimination results in removal from the game.