Change in Function and Usage of the Acute Sences Abillity

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Change in Function and Usage of the Acute Sences Abillity

Postby X_TheLegend27_X » Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:03 pm

Currently, the werewolf at level 6 can just locate you troughout the map whenever you're not hiding like a pussy inside your ten/farm.

This really bothers me, so I came up with a solution, to keep it fair but less annoying for players.

New usage: Only affects players wandering trough the wilderness, not players who are just inside their base.
Only affects the players who are outside a 800-1000 AoE 'Safe Zone' around their tent/farm/house.
The 800 AoE range represents an area in which the player is meant to fit his base into.

New Function: Doesnt just ping players, but gives the wolf shared vision of the villager itself for 5 seconds.

- The shared vision gets repelled if the affected villager moves back inside his 'Safe Zone'.
- The 800-1000 AoE can be reached by upgrading your facillities; A tent gives 800 AoE, a Farm 900 AoE and a House 1000AoE.
- The Level 2 acute sences will locate and give shared vision from players even in their 'Safe Zone', except if they are actualy hiding inside their houses, also the Shared vision lasts longer from that point on.