PATCH v1.27.07 Unfair Advantage

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PATCH v1.27.07 Unfair Advantage

Postby dudlan66 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:33 am

Collared/captured animals will now receive the benefits of Scarecrow (thanks to Astrozavr for pointing this out)

Molotov cocktail has been rewritten in vJASS
Molotov cocktail now does 90 damage instantly and 90 damage over time
This is functionally a buff despite the damage reduction, because the damage over time was previously not working (thanks to Astrozavr for pointing this
Maximum HP is capped at 3860. This is the maximum health of the Werewolf.
Note: health bonuses and brewing will receive some updates starting next patch

Trees being chopped can no longer be seen in fog FOR REAL THIS TIME
Stumps will no longer turn into living trees during seasonal changes


After playing a 3 hour game, I noticed a pretty game changing bug and some major design flaws. We've released a quick patch on the same day to begin a positive change towards shorter, more strategic gameplay rather than long, drawn out running. Since this patch-to-a-patch is being released on the same day, we're maintaining version 1.27.07

Jasmine Tea now has a cooldown (previously did not)

Cheese has been removed from the castle store
Owl Sisters have been removed - I will rework them into the game eventually, but the associated items are removed indefinitely

Minions will no longer turn into victims (corpses with paws) if they have already been killed
The werewolf will not benefit from the Scarecrow's healing aura, but will still receive the armor bonus

I really appreciate that winter owl has been finally removed!

However I wonder who lobbied for some of these changes ... It seems that game is now set to be suited to particular game style of one known player ... Removing cheese ok, but disallowing WW to HP regen from scarecrow is very much unfair at this point. If villager hp is 3860 same as WW and he/she can use scarecrow how is it supposed to be fair for WW player? Consider ww have to multitask day /night to catch up with economies of others villagers and it's already too hard to get scarecrow . If you disallow ww to heal from scarecrow then please down villagers hp to 3000 , that way it'd be fair.
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Re: PATCH v1.27.07 Unfair Advantage

Postby Pwnage » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:12 pm

The villager maximum health cap will be reduced in the future. I'm in a very eager mood to patch imbalances, so if this is truly imbalanced we should soon know. The werewolf is incredibly potent and doesn't really need the scarecrow to survive and demolish, but you're right, if the villager is too healthy the game might enter a stalemate. We'll see and patch accordingly. Thank you for your feedback!