Some ideas for the game's diversity

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Some ideas for the game's diversity

Postby Astrozavr » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:49 pm

Hey guys, it is really great to know your developers team doesn't afford the map to die finally^^ and still makes efforts to balance it and... gladden the community! Therefore in the light of the project's revival I would like to suggest a few ideas which might help to make a game more dynamic. So the list of them will be placed here below:

1) As soon as shield will be removed from the game finally, demand for mining will definetly decrease and the choice between proffesions for most people will become Fishing or Hunting. If we talk seriously a hunter concedes to a fisher on the most counts - level growing, power and speed of economy, and ability Burning Spear is not so cool to waste plenty of time for being taken. From my point of view hunting is the worst choice nowadays if you want to beat skillfull players. It can be chosen sometimes for fun and diversity but doesn't have foundation for play often - unlike fishing.
And unfortunatelly I don't really see opportunities to solve this problem by easyest way - by only changing Burnig Spear mechanics. If you increase stun duration - we will get just another "old" fish net analog... If you increase damage for small amount - it will not play a role, if for example till 1000 damage - then we get another 6 acorn bombs pack analog with one click use...
Some players claim that 200 spears are too many for this ability. It is not true - in average if you start hunting from the beginning of a game (and of course if you got a little bit of luck with animals spawn) you can get this ability by 15-16 minutes of a game. If you decrease required amount of spears thrown, till 100-150 - then worst times will start for Werewolf immediately - just because everybody will hunt through days and nights and... population of animals - the main source of Werewolf leveling-up - will dramatically extinct - no food for ww. And for me it is obviously that fast rushing 100-150 spears for that spell makes almost no diffence from lovely acorn bombs pack. It will be the same op spell instead of previous op item - even more time to earn it doesn't play a big role. So 175 spears is the extreme limit I guess by those reasons.

2) Brewing. I think brewing is strongly underrated proffession since it carries a good potential for making some usefull items. And those who doesn't brew have no idea how annoying those potions crafting cooldowns are. These cooldowns between separate crafts of potions are about couple of seconds - they don't affect anything significant instead of... they are really annoying and useless. May be you will take the courage and remove them? ^^
Other problem is more essential - I talk about Elder Flower potions. Don't you find them imbalanced? - short cooldown, long duration - no good at all. I think many waits for changing or removal of them. May be 2-3 seconds invul are decent but not 12 sec as now.
And the main thing I wanted to say about potions. How do you like an idea to make some of them clickable on other units? Just look. If a player could boost speed (Jasmine tea) or armor (Beer) of his units (dog, Oberon,Timber etc.) the game could become more dynamic, more agressive, get more opportunities to exploit... Say "No!" to stupid barricaders - say "Yes!" to helping game become more variable.

3) Towers. 16 towers defending double line walls with a support of repairers team on waterfall base is not cool for ww even with any army he succeeded to hire by that moment. For what reason do 16 Towers exist in game? I knew one "Royal Player" who played every game by the way above - and played it successfully not in last turn due to towers spam. It is really not cool thing I guess - these towers are too cheap - there are many of them and they are really strong to defend base easily. I think it would be nice to reduce their amount till 5-6 maximum.

4) Animals. In current version animals are only food. Oberon and Timber are so weak, slow and easy to kill that noone tries to pet them. But may be time has come to fix it? Another way to make more diversity - make bossess more useful. At least they are not fat enough to survive during a fight for profitable time to pay back efforts spend on petting them. Oberon is so slow that can't make even a one hit to villager who hit-n-run him from safe distance, timber can't run down a villager with simple boots.... Also they are vulnarable for being cast any spell i.e. stun on them. They are in game so long, don't they really deserve magical immunity so far? ANyway bossess are no threat at all, It is sad thing. I would like to see them more usable in hands of a villager - otherwise for what reason a collar exist???
Next, animals spawn randomly through out the whole map - even in impassable places ( behind trees, on edges of map etc.) I dont know how difficult to change it but if it is fixable we could see more animals that is significant both for hunters and werewolf.
Missess on regular animals are annoying enough. I mean the percentage of missess for example on deers - what is its number? It is hard enough for first day hunter with only boots and sprears to hit and run down non-agressive animals (deers) -besides that damage is super low, they run faster than you , so also these fucking missess ! Can you reduce the percentage of them to 1/5 or 1/4 for example ?
Rocky the Racoon. Useless piece of shit.But what a fantastic potential he has ! If he appeared in the same time that Timber and gave to his (Rocky's) future owner ability for attack speed boost (twice, with mana cost, cooldown) instead of useless 20 damage... then he would become the sweetest little animal in the whole forest! (joke) The more, this active ability would match to his nature of the Fastest Damage Dealer in the Forest. In other words it would be nice to change bonus that his pelt gives to its owner for more usable one.
Lucky Rabbit. The same. 15 % Evasion - it is out of limit of my dreams... Never missed a chance to possess the Luckiest Animal's pelt in the Forest (sarcasm). He could stop being another useless piece of shit if you, dear developers, increase the bonus he gives till 25-30% of evasion.
Anyway, thank you once more for keeping on the map's improvement and finding time and courage for this.
Thanks for watching!