New Ideas :D

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New Ideas :D

Postby chaosZ » Wed Mar 08, 2017 4:46 pm

I want to give advices WWT devoloppers for balance and new features;

:mrgreen: but first there is 2 bug in game i want to tell

:!: First is the north cave next to mine rocks, there is command failure at that cave when i clicked at are which is near to north cave my army or workers are going to at point with another direction; for example i command to my dog to go mine at the eastnorth at in the cave but he exit from west cave. For 1 or 3 unit its not important but if u are going to send army it is like torture :D

:!: Seceond one is tree bug. Maybe they reported this one already but i just wanted to remain again when normal trees change up to snow trees there is no problem but after when it return to normal trees the bug appear it. For example: even u cut the tree u cant pass, just like tehere is invisible walls. (In my conditions u guys dont need to fix this bug cause i am using for myself for that bug :D so they can not reach my workers and my building but for another guys who used for tactical it cause problem for them especially for ww)

:mrgreen: And for balance advices;
:?: In game and forum i saw that everybody is complainant about the net :D Yeah i think also that its too long for easy taking skill compare to spear skill. I think if u guys can change that skill mechanism it would be mor balanced for example;
The net will stun 3-4 sec after that ww will escape from net but ww will get after net effects like 6 sec %80 slow and 3 sec silence(so even he become invis he will stay %80 or %90 slowed)
ithink it is more better than wait there and watch how they beat u up until death :D when i saw that sceen i get pity for ww especially if i am ww :D

:?: There should be coffee for main villagers limit like 3k hp :D for me in one game i make 9k hp but for ww it is sad ww lose all his hope for victory. After that the player who become ww is rage quiting from game when he become ww again. Thats why it must be limit cause even i want balance i have greedy side so still trying to make op villager, so if u guys can obstruct this it will be good :D
:?: And final one is lvl about ww villager. In normal conditions if newbie transform to ww after that night his villager transform back to villager at lvl 1 and when he go to fishing or hunting they saw him he is lvl 1 and tagged as ww (sometimes lvl 1 villager is not even ww but they kill him even not thinking; for me that makes me sad) so i have 3 possibly advices for this;
:arrow: First one ww villager can take same exp which ww gain, so for example if first night ww lvl up 2 times after transformation villager have to be lvl 3 villager :D
:arrow: If that programming mechanics is hard to do that then after first night villager can gain random exp like (500-900 exp i dont know how much exp will ned to lvl up but just for example :D)
:arrow: Or directly make lvl 3 or 4 after first night but that also make possibilty to tagged as ww :D

Now i can come to my ideas :D
:idea: First it is about new unit, which after searching 1500 wood archer ithink it should appear two kind range unit after that for tactical selection,
Spell Breaker.JPG
Spell Breaker.JPG (8.01 KiB) Viewed 1665 times

for example it will cost 2000 wood again but it will need extra 50 g beside wood cost;
ofcourse his hit point will be greater hit points and defens points than gunmans but it wil have less damage and little range(%60-%50) compare to gunmans.
But i think this new unit selection will bring new tactical considerations in combat with ww or villagers :D
And :D idk ur WWT map conditions but it would be nice that if gunmans get passive skills for example gunmans have %5 possibility to 0.2 sec stun and this new unit can have %10 slow samage for 2 sec :D it would be interesting

:!: This idea is about afterlife when villagers dies :D according to me zombie is very fun to play but some guys dont like to play compare to villagers so i think it should be option after death so that brings me 2 kind of hero advices :D

:idea: First is wisp;
21ff4ff1fbfe8c200ae12979cf956cfb.jpg (10.13 KiB) Viewed 1665 times

If ghost use skill on rabbit it would born under wisp, wisp it would be less starting damage like 20-25 compare to zombie;of course he will not born like vengefull zombie it would like be supporting character;
i also think possible skills;

:arrow: First skill will be HOLLY BLESSING wich gives heal to him and his allies;
1:That gives 100 hp 10 cd 50 mana;
2:That gives 200 hp 10 cd 100 mana;
3:That gives 300 hp 10 cd 150 mana;

:arrow: Second one can be ENT SUMMON;
1:Summon 2 ent for 30 sec 45 cd (idk mana :D)
2:Summon 3 ent for 30 sec 45 cd
3:Summon 3 ent for 30 sec 45 cd

:arrow: 3rd one ROOT CURSE;
1:Slow enemy %10 and -2 def (idk mana :D)
2:Slow enemy %15 and -3 def
3:Slow enemy %20 and -5 def

And 25 lvl skill can be the famoust default skill CHARM :D
Takes control of a target enemy unit. Charm cannot be used on Heroes, or creeps above level 5.
but for balance 45 sec cd and which charmed units should gain extra 300,400 or 500 hp O_O and +5 def :D pls

and also can give point after atrributes after skills like;
:arrow: +100 mana
:arrow: +1 sec/mana regeneration
:arrow: +10 dmg
:arrow: +5 movemand speed
:arrow: +100 hit point
so player can select his own wisp what it would be like.By the way wisp must be range hero :D this part is so critic :D

Ofcourse wisp would not strong as zombie or lvl up fast as zombie :D

:idea: The secon one is Were Pries/Monk(melee) whatever :D
acolyte.jpg (27.35 KiB) Viewed 1665 times

This hero is just helping WW and only in game can be one Were Priest;
When fist villager dies he can choose to help ww if he sees ww needs help( and i know that some guys like to team up so this official team up hero would be nice for them and for ww)
Ofcourse even Were priest and ww is strange each other Were Priest dont need to know the ww identity, so how would be that;

When WerePriest born it it would be very weak at day light and whatever he killed will be ww corpse minions so he can build army for ww at daylight, but when night begin WerePriest will gain %50 power %20 mov/speed. And WW when he look at his minons that minions get give command button so he can give command of minions to WerePriest to control his units so WerePriest it would be like ww's general :D
But if WW dont like WerePriest playing style or he feels that WerePriest is betraying him he can banish him(if WW kill WerePriest) and Priest will gone forever.Ofcourse WerePriest cant harm to werewolves unites and WW vilager but to his villager units i dk :D

Ofcourse that some guys would not like WerePriest in pro game so -no werepriest would be solve the problem :D

i think that WerePriest should won 2 or 3 gold when he sly units so he can build searching center for minions which he can upgrade WW minions so that would be also distract another players so WW can build his own village if the enemy villagers is so strong that would be good distraction at 4vs 1(WW) :D games (late game ofcourse).They will search to destroy that resaerch center :D it would be fun:D

I didnt think about WerePriest skills cause nmaybe u guys will not look this is not good idea but :D maybe he can have skill that he can heal WW and minions ';...;'

:idea: The another idea is about zombie i think zombie lvl 25 skill must be raise dead for 30 sec 50 sec cd :D it would be nice :D
And i think if villagers wife died before Main villager and if he born under zombie that his wife can be his parthner like banshee model or Sylvynas(Dark Archer) model :D And she can have same hp decrease problem with zombie but she can drain life :D 10 dmg 20 hp/reg skill :D OR maybe that who has ghost wife secret :D can have parthner if he died xD i think zombies also need secret :D would be nice ::D

:idea: And Pls increase this bears hp :D i think even minions have to get problem with bears :D i want elite bears :D

:idea: There is bomb item which they use TK :D someguys dont like that item but i think u guys can change item forexample if u pick that nut and combine with dynimate and give 200 wood u can have bomb mine that would be great tactical item against defensing ur base :D

:idea: and that shield which gives u immunity to spells can be converted to %50 or %75 magic defense and effect duration :D

All my advice for now is this :D and of course i am not telling u guys should do this everything just triyng to give new feature advice for u developpers for devoloping :D cause i see that espieaslly this top 10 is playing like crazy and so many player having fun i think it needs ne ideas if icould help u with this ideas ofc i would be happy :D Ah and i have one selfish request; i know(i heard) that J_James dont want Dracula(vampire) at this game at least put wereRabbit :D if Mutant Lucky rabbit bite villager turn to WereRabbit *_* xD 1v1v4 :D

I know i wrote so many things( and i am happy that i would not read :D ) but if u guys read it ty :D

Btw Hi i am ChaosZ :mrgreen:
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Re: New Ideas :D

Postby chaosZ » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:05 pm

Ah and i forgot to tell that Fbot Status Page is very nice web work especially that statistics measurements that u make is fascinating.(Even thought i dont like statistics things :D cause of school :D) I expect success to continue Falanor :D
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Re: New Ideas :D

Postby Ruoska » Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:19 pm

I'm glad to see you among us, on forum, ChaosZ I know you are a busy guy, we all have more important things to do with our lifes..

about your opinion? 10/10

(part of the cave? when you have to move the soldiers is pain in the ass :lol: )
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Re: New Ideas :D

Postby Jesse James » Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:13 pm

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to make your post neat. It helps a lot when we're reading through to have headers and line breaks!

1. Would you mind providing more detail on the cave error? I'm not quite following what is happening.

2. The tree issue is one we have dealt with repeatedly. I do believe there is another thread here somewhere where Pwnage. discusses the issue you are describing and I believe he has solved the issue or knows how.

Your Idea List! Fantastic. There is some good stuff there and I think each idea warrants its own post in the suggestion forum. It makes it a lot easier for the admins and the members to discuss each idea individually in its own thread rather than in a great big list. Would you mind breaking them up and posting them in the correct forum so we can get multiple discussions going? Thank you and welcome to the forums!
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Re: New Ideas :D

Postby chaosZ » Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:33 pm

Sure :D sorry for i send at wrong section , ty for reading and reply :D
Hi ruos :D ty too u also for ur reply :D