weather and vision

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weather and vision

Postby Claw » Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:55 am

hi i would like to share my thoughts and opinion considering the weather and the vision changes in game
as you mentioned in the changelog, the seasons are now affecting one quadrant at a time in order to reduce the lag, but i gotta say, i didn't really notice any improvements, and as a matter of fact i think it's lagging even more than before. if i'm right, the weather is changing much more frequently than before; during the 'autumn/ winter' season the weather changed 5-6 times during one day, and the game had spikes trough out the whole time- rain - snow - snow/wind - rain - snow etc. - all that during one day only, so yeah it's a terrible day for farmers you could say.
now the problem about the range of vision is that it's terribly reduced, it's actually reduced so much, that while it's snowing i often lose vision of the animal i'm hunting right in front of me, or lose total vision of the crops in base until i get really close to them to pick them up. i don't know if that was intended or not but it's really hard to play during that time, and the forged helmet doesn't help much as i think it should :(
i hope i'm not bothering too much but i really thought there should be a topic about this, and i really wanna hear other people's thought about this, as well as yours.
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Re: weather and vision

Postby StrelokNPP » Sun Oct 30, 2016 5:37 pm

Sad times when Claw talks sense. :) I have to agree, those weather changes are making me lag more than ever before.
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Jesse James
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Re: weather and vision

Postby Jesse James » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:03 pm

I don't believe we touched the frequency of weather changes. I'll wait for pwnage. to weigh in on this because he worked on that.

I'm not entirely sure that weather should have an impact on visibility either. We would have to test (or perhaps pwn knows why it would do this).

Thanks for reporting guys. Keep the discussion going!
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Re: weather and vision

Postby StrelokNPP » Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:49 am

After I saw his post , I've paid closer attention to this and I can almost surely confirm that it is lagging more than before, for me at least. But I am currently on a really low end laptop which has troubles running WWT properly so it might reflect more on low end users or something.
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Re: weather and vision

Postby Pwnage » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:44 pm

To clarify:

The quadrant-based seasonal changes have absolutely nothing to do with how frequently the weather is invoked. From the data I collected, there should be very little to no impact on lag on higher end computers, where as lower end computers should experience some minor relief during the transitions between Fall/Winter. I'll check for memory leaks that would cause this to be otherwise, as I may very well missed something.

Furthermore, in prior versions all trees would be removed and subsequently replaced by their appropriate seasonal tree, which resulted in people being able to see over the trees with regular vision (i.e. they didn't obfuscate default vision). I added some code to abolish this problem, and again, it is certainly possible this may be introducing some lag due to memory leaks, but I recall it being rather stable. Admittedly, I tested the latter fix less and my GPU/RAM are potent enough to tolerate massive amounts of unnecessary computation/leakage, so it's in the realm of possibility these changes did increase lag. So to the OP, to clarify, I didn't adjust the actual villager's vision, it's just working properly now :) ; Keep in mind that night vision is severely reduced, and if the helmet is proving ineffective for your needs, try building firepits/lamps or wielding a torch.

I'll revisit the code and test it properly on bottom-of-the-line rigs and will update this threat. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!