Werewolf - Transylvania 1.27.01

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Jesse James
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Werewolf - Transylvania 1.27.01

Postby Jesse James » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:29 pm

Hey guys!
Pwnage., Falanor and myself have been busy bees and we've updated to 1.27.01. Find the download and changelog below!

Official Download: Hiveworkshop

You'll notice a new version format going forward. Here is an explanation:


X is the over-all map version. (This will likely never change numbers)
YY designates that a version has had additions or subtractions of a significant nature.
ZZ is reserved for hotfixes. Minor updates that are necessary to fix bugs and errors but wont make large changes to gameplay.


Version 1.26 introduced various changes, but unfortunately, a few major bugs and quick patches resulted in a rather unbalanced release! We encourage your continued support in reporting bugs and suggestions for 1.27!


General Changes:
  • Casting spells on enemies will no longer display a declaration of war
  • Casting spells on computers/NPCs will no longer display a declaration of war
  • Passive computers can no longer be unallied
  • Crafting an acorn bomb no longer shows a declaration of war on self
  • Stag Skin Drum will now appropriately consume 100 lumber
  • The Fish Net item will now stun units, but entangle them akin to previous versions, but will still appropriately not affect magic immune villagers
  • The Fish Net item's entanglement and slow duration are now correctly scaled to health (low health = short duration, high health = long duration)
  • Seasons will now affect one quadrant at a time, and should reduce the lag felt throughout the transition
  • Season changes will no longer grant increased vision over trees
  • Moved Throwing Dagger into the Acorn Bomb & Molotov Cocktail Cooldown Group

Unit Changes:
  • Musketeers are now appropriately stronger than Sharp Shooters
  • Musketeers are now affected by the Marksman (damage) upgrade
  • Default range for all ranged units is now 500
  • Upgraded range for all ranged units is now 700
  • Marksmanship is now a 3-part upgrade, each adding +2 (final additional damage is 6, reduced from 10)
  • A player's units will no longer receive veteran status when killing their own units
  • The floating text that appears when attempting to build a 16th Ivory Tower now properly vanishes
  • Ivory Tower will now correctly refund resources if the maximum number has been built
  • Various building health/armor changes below:
  • Image

Farming Changes:
  • Crops will no longer produce appropriate items after they have been killed
  • Crops will no longer produce appropriate items after their owner leaves or has been killed

Werewolf Changes:
  • When a player crop is killed by a werewolf unit, a minion will no longer be created
  • Tentatively fixed an issue where the number of corpses does not create the correct number of minions at night
  • Tentatively fixed an issue where minion corpses would spontaneously vanish throughout the day
  • Werewolves that are exterminated in the first two nights are no longer immediately removed from the game, and may access the score screen and replays
  • If one player and the werewolf are left at night and the werewolf player leaves, the remaining player will now appropriately win and not be selected as the werewolf the following night and simultaneously win and lose
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Re: Werewolf - Transylvania 1.27.01

Postby Slayer4000X2008 » Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:10 am

Some feed back. Brewing benefits really should be capped. When a villager can solo a lvl 25 werewolf you know something is wrong.
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Re: Werewolf - Transylvania 1.27.01

Postby StrelokNPP » Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:39 am

Good job. :)
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Re: Werewolf - Transylvania 1.27.01

Postby dangkygamekhac » Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:24 am

I've waited and have expected this version soooo much
But it looked like there wasn't much changes.
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Jesse James
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Re: Werewolf - Transylvania 1.27.01

Postby Jesse James » Thu Oct 13, 2016 7:02 pm

Sorry you're disappointed!

The boring bug fixes take as much time and energy as the fun new additions and we only have so much free time to give to the project. We want you to have a bug free and balanced game to play before we try to add things in. 1.26 had a substantial amount of changes to the game so we're trying to clean things up.

Thanks for bearing with us!
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Re: Werewolf - Transylvania 1.27.01

Postby waterpolo » Fri Oct 14, 2016 4:13 pm

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Re: Werewolf - Transylvania 1.27.01

Postby MEETtheMEAT » Thu Dec 22, 2016 10:25 pm

Werewolf is far far far tooo weak. And the net still is too op. A stun on net?! Why? Its way too op. When ever i attack a human with some experience it goes that way. I attack i cant move cant attack and have no livesteal cause of that. I die durin 1 net duration ( im a lvl 12 ww he is a lvl 20 Human and i lvled rly fast i used strategy where i get 25 animals killed every start of night ...)
its 1vs8 for the Werewolf it should be hard to kill him at night.
Also had a other situation where I attack Werewolf lvl 11 i was zombi lvl 14 i trap him with animals and plant my corpse spell in woods and use wisp spell i have about 1 full troop of werewolf creeps and 1 half troop of animal creeps like wolfs and bears i kill him still have most units and my hero about 70 percent hp ...
Wolf is too weak he lvls too slow
the Human (werewolf) is too easy to track cause he has low lvl always, because:
1. Human only has half time
2. Human must walk to work place or find new one every day
3. Human cant work at spots with other Humans means he might have to change workspot several times

Thats why i have following suggestions Werewolf needs more (double) xp.
Human (Werewolf) has to lvl based on Werewolf lvl somehow or the amount of animals killed (how exactly he should best gain his bonus xp i dont know but fakt is he should)

Another thing im sry im not shure if it is fixed in this version, but in previous versions Human (Werewolf) could only build 27 units instead of 41 like all other Humans.

also i think Werewolf is too weak in general

It should be balanced in a way that only with multiple humans you can kill a wolf (remember its 1vs8 ...)