Trading boats only give income once ?

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Re: Trading boats only give income once ?

Postby Jesse James » Wed Aug 27, 2014 4:29 pm

If you mean the merchant boats then yes, they are a one shot.

Basically the idea here is that you are hiring a ship and a captain as well as buying goods for them to sell. They head off to the destination, sell the goods and return to you and give you your cut of the profit.

To repeat, you must hire the captains services again, as well as pay for his cargo.

If this was automated you could end up spending money you didn't want to, or you could end up trying to spend money you don't have. Also I feel like its a nice element of realism that you have to organize a long trading mission. I honestly wanted to make it harder, where you would have to purchase goods, hire a captain, build a boat for them to use and etc... However, that could be a game all in itself and WWT is already quite complicated. :|