I like pie

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I like pie

Postby RaidenCameron » Sat Oct 12, 2013 10:26 pm

hi Seth here, back for new version of werewolf, so its been like 1/2 years since I've found the submerge bug, i see its been fixed at 1.23d, and the loading units as well. Anyway, the new jobs are pretty fun after i tried them in single player, lets share them :)

-brewing is an old job well yeah, so.. i tried mining, farming and brewing, 3 job at a time, and it gives me a well earned money rate when it is snowing all day for my winter kiss to grow.. like.. 12k gold when werewolf was 13 i think..
-Mining and forging, so i finished all those things and the stats barely adds anything.. but the clockwerk does interest me, it succeeded in luring the werewolf to somewhere.
-not much changelog for zombie, there was this time i fail so bad after reaching level 25, going Leeroy Jenkins to the werewolf player's base at daytime without knowing a bunch of Ivory Tower are waiting (like in situation 2 below, well I'd used to spammed globally on the map instead of stacking at 1 place and it is a nightmare for everyone when i type -unally all),
thing is... i could penetrate into their walls by possessing unit inside their base and cast this.... sorcery called "Haunt" and will O wisp after maxing these 2 level and killed a the player in 3 hits... seems legit.... how does the stats for werewolf even count in the hostbot game if this happens?.... (if it benefit for the people that play the zombie this way, heck everyone might as well follows it)

and here's a basically simplistic view of players playing their style in werewolf: (edit: screenshots too big, boo hoo)

-lucky rabbit trapping: Early end game trick, which made many host mad... imagine werewolf get lured by clockwerk, and you regrow back the tree behind the werewolf in the lucky rabbit area... poor guy.... (Remember Whim of the druids REGROW BACK trees)
-Tribuchet: that's new for me, an anti-camper/defense breaker unit, whats gonna happen to bases like the waterfall and the tower spammers in the cave's players that kills whoever enter the cave (put them at North cave entrance and start shooting :d?) very... very..... GOOD IDEA WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THIS ONE. Btw tribuchet occupies food, can't train unit and forced to unpack and rebuild D=
-i see net and dynamite still exist, instead... that net duration that i felt from players when i maxed termendous strength was like.... around 10 second(now who saids you need teamwork, hang on... thats 20 second...?) anyway, sick of players doing the samething to some newbie? use invulnerable potion crafted from brewing =d

so much for sharing, some last few things to post:
Bug Report: Since when did Oberon became a masochist just standing there, not hitting back and letting a musketeer poking it to death? (Glitched from -ally animals settings, MIGHT HAPPEN TO OTHER ANIMALS?), we need a mental therapy for Oberon now! D= oh wait i mean <big>investigation</big>
edit: quoted from sakon's bug thread "Boss animals (excluding the prize boar) doesn't attack human units when they are allies from start. U can simply kill them with dog."

done ;) btw... just encountered a werewolf player saying that he can't research food expand tech, it exist?
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