Basic Combat Strategy

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Basic Combat Strategy

Postby dudlan66 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:16 pm

The team strategy should be focused on allocating tasks for players that are good at different activities.
Team Strategy

Defenders are usually players that are good at holding WW outside walls for a long time. These guys are usually good at strategic defending and can build army at fastest pace.However, defenders usually spend lots of resources on researching army and building defenses. This puts their economy behind and will therefore impact their ability to hunt ww players ,bases and economy as quick as hunters/scouts. One important fact to mention about defenders is that they do not focus on their villager as much as maxing their army's potential. For defenders the army is the priority !

Economy: Deffenders' economy is most complex task because these guys are required to store most resources at really short time spam. There are few early strategies that work well.

Main job (Fisherman and farmer)

1. Use adrenaline rush and run to castle at the start to steal doll, sell it for 225 if taken go to fishing place near to place you want to base
Economy Tasks (Fisherman and Farmer)
-Start off as a fisherman buy fishing bait and pool
-get around 800 gold before night 1 , build tent, granary and warehouse

2.Plant 6 coffees beans as these will give you 336% profit rate for each coffee planted. They are more profitable than sheeps but don't have much benefit of leveling

3. Rush dog and send it hunting and get all necessities from castle , send dog to waterfall at day 1 (Great tip) !

4. Combine fishing with farming . For farming strategies start with planting coffees (336% profit) as follow with Blood roses this gives you aprox 68 % profit for each plant . When weather is bad (Snow/Windy) plant winter roses these give around 65% profit but grow faster at bad weather like windy and snowy. Keep planting wheat and corn to spend additional gold at day time, they don't give you much profit but it helps you to get scarecrow very fast.
The reason for using this strategy as defender is that it is faster way of getting income in short time spam which is critical for any defender.

5. Do not overflow your cashflow! I mean never keep too much gold and wood and reason for this is that 1/3 treasury event can decimate your economy. So always spend resources as fast as possible to improve army and economy

6. By night 2 you can start buying pigs(340% profit rate) and sheep(300% profit), this will boost your economy but it's slow way of getting it. Therefore as farmer do not focus on these unless you have high cash flow rate.

7. As soon as you get plantation chicken cop is must.

8.Build light house - very profitable/Safe way of getting income.
Boats/ very risky but high level of profit.

Units types
Start with range for defence
Follow with melee troops
End Game
Please take note that range units cause more damage to Werewolf than any other type, however their main weakness is footmen shield that's why combination of range/melee is must

Main abilities
-Spear shot
-Acid Bomb

Main items
-Death Bell

Animals(If applicable)
Tame Obreon bear/Timber for bonuses

The main point of defenders is to buy enough time for hunters to kill off WW player.
Most defenders combine fishing and farming/merchant to keep their economy going

Defender should be able to get 2 towers(From castle), 10 spearmen ,Torch +15% bonus and build light posts before night 2
Night 3 - 25 archers ,drum,horn and torch keep building ivory towers
Best location for defenders- Waterfall and old farm. Everything else is vulnerable due to penetrable trees however good defender can adapt to any base.

Night 5- 25 musketeers/12 Footmen Scarecrow and fish net, all armory upgrades /building armors fully upgraded
Keep building walls and towers. +5 event add 3 musketeers 2 f0otmen

If you reached sustainable economy espionage WW's base once a day if WW’s identity’s been revealed.
Keep sending army to kill it off also ping it to other players and zombies. Most important targets 1. economy , 2. wife Main building, and 3.War tower and armory

If WW attacks with an army aim with range units(towers/musketeers) at WW only!! In this instance hold footmen against footmen. If enemy send both melee and range units it's a bit more complex but bare in mind he can only spawn 27 units unless previous ww left. This therefore gives you a little edge over unit strategy. If WW sends footmen and range try ask friend to come help and attack behind enemies lines. If nobody comes you are pretty much screwed ,but if enough towers use them to kill off musketeers . Click on all and target one at a time. Aim with all range at ww except of towers those should try get rid of range. Watch for enemy scarecrow , if there is one that is your priority one target, priority 2 can be male villager who hold torch ,drum etc.

You have to keep spamming units from the war tower accordingly. If ww kill lots of units you need to replace them. That's also reason you need to have at least 3000 gold 2000 wood before each night. Shovel corpses around the base after each attack. If there are any victims/zombies ask them to come to your base and use their hunted corpses to your advantage.

2 Scouts/Hunters
Those guys are wanderers they spend most of their time scouting ww player
If you want to become a Scout/Hunter you need to follow these steps : viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1050
Most hunters spend time mining/hunting.

Unlike defenders , hunters will likely focus on their villagers skills rather than their army. Although there are instances where hunters focuses on both but in most cases hunters will try to max villagers first. Hunters are more likely to capture werewolf player than defenders because of their speed and tracking abilities.

Economy tasks:
Main job- Miner , Brewer, Hunter

-Most hunters will start their economy by buying shovel from castle and shoveling few items before they start brewing jasmine tea. They build their base at split locations usually at start . Some hunters will start of mining and then go hunting after night 1

-Culling pigs and sheeps is the most important for hunters. Hunters do not have much time researching ,therefore their main way of getting income is culling pigs/sheeps , sending merchants (Light House) This boosts their income but most importantly help to achieve top level villager at shortest time period.

-If applicable they build their warehouse at isolated locations or in trees (Use whim of druid from castle)
-spawn dog next to your warehouse

Unit types:
Villager(Hero) Main Unit type
Some hunters use knights to chase ww player due to them being fastest unit in the game and can outrun ww player or even WW, however this is very rare as knights are absolutely useless in combat against other units. It only works when ww doesn't have any chance to build and there are few defenders in the game.

The main abilities to acquire for scout/hunters
-Acid Bomb (In order to get acid bomb quick, you can buy lots of Jasmin and brew jasmine tea for cheap) This can be accomplished by night 1
-Spear Shot

Main items
-Jasmin Tea(Most important)
-Swift Shoes
-Whim of druids

Hunters are masters at finding out who ww player is. Once they know who it is ,the strategy is simple; keep using espionage and hunt them down. WW’s economy is important so send dog or villager to kill it off each day. Good hunter should also rely on good intel from zombies/victims and other players. Acid bomb is really important at killing werewolf villager during day time especially when villager is low level.
Hunters should be able to create hidden paths at night time (8 whims required for each night to cut off different paths)
If no undertaker shovel corpses .

Undertaker/Homless man/ Terrorist

This is usually hunter who lost their base to werewolf and is unable to build an army anymore, in some instances this can be defender too.
Even though those guys feel they lost already, they still can cause significant damage to werewolf player.

-Save 2250 gold for espionage each day by hunting (Night 2 first espionage)
-Kill WW's economy by tracking their warehouses, light house or chicken cops
-Use dynamites and fire dinjim (They can cause lots of damage )
-Shovel all corpses around places where you going to hide at night
-Save 6-8 whims for each night to cut off paths
-If you decide to burry yourself in trees make sure you build farm or plantation so ww sense cannot detect you , otherwise you risking dying
-shovel around waterfall day two
-track corpses and shovel them
-shovel around last base(s) that has(have) been attacked
-Use whim to hide at night
-Track WW and corpses
Throw acid bomb at ww player at day time
-Brew coffee at night
-annoy shit out of WW

The number of corpses ww can get each night is huge. This can lead to inability for many players to defend their bases especially at early stages of the game.

If you feel that you are not skilled enough I would recommend to become undertaker from the start.
Build economy by hunting/fishing/Merchandising

Do not build any army as this will save you lots of resources (Espionage ----> attack/dynamite warehouse ----> main building ---->war tower---> armory

Shoveling corpses at early stage of game can put werewolf behind and help your team win the game.
Shoveling is becoming increasingly important at this game due to the amount of strength WW can gain from corpses.


Main items
Swift shoes
Main abilities
-Acid bomb (Jasmine tea)
Whim of druids (Most important)
Healing salve

2 Victims/ Zombies

Main abilities
-Hunted corpses

Once you died the game isn’t over. Zombies can be decisive factor for ww’s loss/win
Main objectives of zombies
-Avoid being found by WW at night( If you let ww kill you at high lvl you can help ww win by helping them to lvl so try to hide at night time)
-Eat WW’s corpses
-Hunt WW player at day time
-Kill WW’s buildings (Ask other players to espionage)
-Help defenders (put hunted corpses at defenders’ base)
-Help hunters (Use hunted corpses to stun ww player at day time)
-Hide in defenders’ bases during night time
-Track WW player and his/her bases at day time

To kill good WW player you need 2 Good DEFFENDERS, 2 good HUNTERS/SCOUTERS, 1 UNDERTAKER/Terrorist
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Re: Basic Strategy

Postby Blondie91 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:14 pm

Nice Guide ! If people is willing to team up this would be very helpful (taking roles).

Maybe try to explain how to build a good economy when you are a "defender" If you feel like and have some spare time :) .. Like.. what crops should be planted or how profitable is to buy pigs/sheeps on early game, etc...
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Re: Basic Strategy

Postby dudlan66 » Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:24 am

I will deffo add that , thanks for suggestion
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Re: Basic Combat Strategy

Postby KidsEatFree » Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:46 am

You might want to reconsider adding the profession first and explaining those a bit for people more unfamiliar.