[PATCH] Werewolf - Transylvania v1.27.07

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[PATCH] Werewolf - Transylvania v1.27.07

Postby Pwnage » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:30 pm

Patch v1.27.07
Released: 8-12-17
Amended: 8-12-17

Wow! I think this is the quickest update we've ever released. This is another quick-fixer like 1.27.06, so here's the outline of what's changed:

  • Collared/captured animals will now receive the benefits of Scarecrow (thanks to Astrozavr for pointing this out)

  • Molotov cocktail has been rewritten in vJASS
  • Molotov cocktail now does 90 damage instantly and 90 damage over time
    • This is functionally a buff despite the damage reduction, because the damage over time was previously not working (thanks to Astrozavr for pointing this
  • Maximum HP is capped at 3860. This is the maximum health of the Werewolf.
    • Note: health bonuses and brewing will receive some updates starting next patch

  • Trees being chopped can no longer be seen in fog FOR REAL THIS TIME
  • Stumps will no longer turn into living trees during seasonal changes


After playing a 3 hour game, I noticed a pretty game changing bug and some major design flaws. We've released a quick patch on the same day to begin a positive change towards shorter, more strategic gameplay rather than long, drawn out running. Since this patch-to-a-patch is being released on the same day, we're maintaining version 1.27.07

  • Jasmine Tea now has a cooldown (previously did not)

  • Cheese has been removed from the castle store
  • Owl Sisters have been removed - I will rework them into the game eventually, but the associated items are removed indefinitely

  • Minions will no longer turn into victims (corpses with paws) if they have already been killed
  • The werewolf will not benefit from the Scarecrow's healing aura, but will still receive the armor bonus

Please report any oddities in the Bugs/Errors forum! We're committed to maintaining a bug-free game, so thank you to everyone who has reported in the past, and please continue to do so!

Good luck out there; don't forget to collect your eggs!