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New Map?!

Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:28 pm
by Mirgil
well i got school untill like 3:30...which is like 9:30 for you....which is like an hour before i gotta go to bed for school in the morning so we got like 30 minutes to talk lol....but not counting the weekends, which im up like at 10...which is 4 for you. So yeah we got plently of time over the weekends...which works for me. But yeah, ill add you to my messenger
EDIT: well actually i couldnt find u on messenger...u use windows live messenger right?
Also id like to say ill be putting 1/4 of my map making time on another map im choosing to work by my self to improve my trigger skills :3 but like i said ill be mostly putting time into Lost Isles for some time now