[Solved]Local Player

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[Solved]Local Player

Postby Slayer4000X2008 » Sun Feb 07, 2010 6:36 pm

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Now to the point, I need to use local player for a few things but have so far not been able to figure it out. I need local player to: 1. Show this message "You have choosen the mighty Hardel, good for melee combat and magic use." and similar message's when a hero is chosen, 2. I want to give the option to play some music other then WC3 music that I personally think would be rather cool, I.E. Eye of the Tiger :D The music one will be activated by a chat message and will play once before returning to default unless they put in the loop command kind of like (not official) -[command]loop (the [command] is the command used for playing it once).
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[Solved]Local Player

Postby Romek » Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:04 pm

Since you're talking about Local Player, which isn't available in GUI, I'll assume you're coding in JASS.

There is a native which shows a message for a single player already, so GetLocalPlayer isn't needed for that.

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call DisplayTimedTextToPlayer(<player>, 0., 0., <duration>, "You have choosen the mighty Hardel, good for melee combat and magic use.")

In case you're using GUI, there's a simple action which does the same thing, I believe.

Local Player returns the player the 'actions' are currently running for. Using a simple player comparison, it can be used to execute code for only one player:

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if GetLocalPlayer() == <player> then
    < Actions to execute >

This can be used to play music for a player.

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if GetLocalPlayer() == <player> then
    call PlayMusic(<Music Path>)

The music path is simply "gg_snd_" + the name of the music variable in the Sound Editor; for example: gg_snd_PersuitTheme.
If you're using GUI, you'll need to use a Custom Script action to do the 'if' block.

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    Set Player = <the player the music should be played for>
    Custom script:   if GetLocalPlayer() == udg_Player then
    Sound - Play PursuitTheme <gen>
    Custom script:   endif

Note that GetLocalPlayer blocks often result in desyncs if incorrectly used (doing things such as killing units, creating units, or even creating timers).

There is an event for players typing messages which you can use to activate the music. In JASS, GetTriggerPlayer() is used to get the player which typed the message (you'll want to use this to ensure the music is only played for the player which typed the message).

As for looping the music, (assuming it doesn't do so automagically), you'll simply need to replay it once it finishes (use a timer which expires when the music ends).
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