Show us your replays.

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Show us your replays.

Postby Slayer4000X2008 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 11:55 pm

This is a simple topic to show people your replays on any map.

Now I wish I had one from before to show you guys so before you watch the one I did upload read what happened.

So basically my team got rush three times and the last was successful on everybody but me because I had mased tower. Now blue had been afk all game and when he got back he gave me all his resources and I let him use my units. Pink had managed to save his Far Seer and about eight Tauren that he used to help me. So with pinks units, my units, and blues resources I managed to turn the game around from being about to lose and achieved a victory. If your wondering my race was undead and the reason I don't have the replay to show you was because I d/ced in the game.

Well now you can watch the replay I did upload which as the title states was a very close game.

P.S. I'm green incase you didn't realise I use my WC3 name here.