sgt1johson - BAN!!!!

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sgt1johson - BAN!!!!

Postby Stormblessed » Wed Jul 26, 2017 2:49 am

Good evening, I just played a game with this punk, where he used third party program to disrupt my client-server communication with the bot, resulting in me being completely unable to play the game(I couldn't move my character it was as if my "mouse" was disabled along with the keyboard, even though they were WORKING outside of the warcraft 3 client)

IT'S NOT THE FIRST TIME, I encounter this kind of software in games, last time it was over 1 year ago, in League of Legends, where enemy player was able to block me from using my ingame abilities.
This one goes even more extreme, because all I could do is quit the game and write.(All alphanumeric buttons on the keyboard were "disabled" ingame) So yeah, if anyone wanted to say
"ugh but maybe your keyboard broke" LOL my keyboard works soundly as it can be seen right now yes?

I want to emphasize that it's not hardware issue if anyone was skeptical over it. My mouse is also fairly new or actually new and chance that keyboard blows in the laptop is very very low(which is super ridicolous when you add aforementioned thing :DD)

Here is the replay name
2017-07-26 05-25 Werewolf! Who is it_ +1 FH (22m07s) 8 players
most recent games(easier to find perhaps):
Werewolf! Who is it? +1 FH

Sooo, I got super triggered, it reminded me of how I got dicked multiple times with this software in league of legends. People using it are even more savage than maphacker imho, total animals becaye usually they are like "ugh what you gonna do now, something wrong :))?" very smug about what they're doing. I am not sure how it's exactly called, I don't find interest in these kinds of programs. I just know there is this kind of software out there.

Alas, in order to check what this guy did, it would demand insight into bot logs most likely which could prove to be time consuming I suppose? It might be tough to prove even then

However in my opinion this motherfucker deserves kick in his ass even without "trial" I mean, part of the keyboard ceasing to work(only in game client! first time ever in warcraft 3) and then magicly popping- back up in another game? BITCH PLEASE It' serves for evidence itself that some malicious deed was committed there.

Also entire thing happening right after he got killed by me(ww)? Yikes it's like seeing a man over dead corpse with a bloody knife in his hand and considering he might not had killed the person.(really?)

ANOTHER FACT that I need to bring to the table is that I played with this guy long long ago and we were talking about League of Legends(his main account nickname is actually Sgt.Johnson I believe, convienient right? so League of Legends+aforementioned software, what else a man needs to dispose this animal?

You know, a man can dare to play against maphack, you can argue about it, but this kind of wicked shit is a no no. NEVER. Never would suspect encountering this kind of thing in warcraft 3, but since this game is so bloody old it shouldn't be so surprising in the end.

Storm with you,
I look forward to disposal of this..pig

(frankly I am so pissed I am gonna kick his ass on sight and end up like infriro, I despise it to that extent.)
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Re: sgt1johson - BAN!!!!

Postby Throw_Away » Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:34 am

Alright, so what "substantial" evidence do you have exactly? At this time, your argument to ban another player is that he killed you in a game due to issue with equipment on your end.

Do you have proof that third-party software was actually in use, hard proof (not circumstantial) that hacking did take place? Did other players experience this? Is there anything in the game log that would suggest 3rd party programs were used? If not, you can't realistically expect the VOF team to ban a fellow player just because of an accusation. Besides this accusation, you really have nothing to gone on.

Moreover, do you even know if this is the same individual? Sgt.Johnson is a popular character from the Halo franchise, whose name could have been used by any number other individuals and on any number of other platforms; thus, to say that he is the same guy you talked to "long long ago" in another game entirely, is inadmissible as evidence and, quite frankly, a poor attempt to bolster your own argument.

Shall I also remind everyone here how small our community is nowadays? I speak of course of the World of Warcraft 3's slowly shrinking player base. To perform a witch hunt of supposed "hackers" or other malcontents and to begin banning individuals who don't even have the opportunity to defend themselves from such defaming actions would be akin to the McCarthy era of U.S. politics (A time characterized by persecution and false accusations to gain power). Unless there is solid evidence of wrongdoing, we, as a community, should not be so hasty as to throw out our own and should seek to fortify ourselves if such wrongdoing were to actually pass. In essence, it is my humble opinion that unless damning evidence of that player hacking is actually presented, that any further talks concerning their ban cease. The saying is "guilty until proven innocent", after all.

I speak only as individual concerned for the future of WC3 and its community.
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Re: sgt1johson - BAN!!!!

Postby Stormblessed » Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:55 am

Hello mister sgt1johson, registered while ago under different name to undermine this issue addressing an explicit, disgusting act of abusing third party programs :-) Badly at that.

You haven't even read what I wrote, you came here merely in cold sweat because someone who actually encountered this kind of software before, pointed out your wicked actions and now your miserable cheating ass is on fire. Too bad.

It's really awkward that I need to repeat there isn't and never was an issue with equipment on my end(If you need proof, go back to opening post :/ there is plenty of braindead explanation that preschooler would even grasp)

I am aware you don't need to watch replay as you are the player in need to be disposed :-)

"our community" I am sorry but cheating animals as I humbly believe aren't welcome anywhere including person in the thread, you :)))
You are not part of this community, so don't speak about it. Doubly disgusting.
I guess since warcraft 3 has shrinking player base it makes it No-Man's Land and you ought to be pardoned with any kind of malicious shit you are pulling off

I was given mod rights on this bot and NEVER, absolutely NEVER kicked anyone but in this case, I will go on crusade to get rid of you as I am CERTAIN of what happened in this game.

You motherfuckers believe yourself elusive, that's why getting rid of you SCUM is even more important.


You got REKT, then you started TALKING and immediately I got dicked by your program. UNPRECEDENTED.

So yeah, you are guilty as standing and your dipshit talk and defence that is basically based on INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY is IRRELEVANT. You know what you did and even if LOGS prove nothing(It was most likely issued straight to my client, not bot itself obviously) You are guilty and as I said. I look forward for bot admin to bring you JUSTICE *tfu*

PS: I love a line "Sgt.Johnson is popular character" CERTAINLY since our PLAYERBASE IS SO SMALL, there arent XXX SGT.JOHNSONS running around so dont contradict yourself, IT MAKES TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE

As I said, a man with a bloody knife in his hand, he will try to sell you his horseshit that another man came by and gave him the knife or it's just he found it here, it wasn't his or whatever, but it's your choice to decide whether you swallow that lie.
Also, I think Werewolf Transylvania community knows me enough to know that perhaps I am a dick at times, I teamkill people and shit but I am not easy to state this kind of things about x person.

This time? I am 100000% sure and if you BY ANY CHANCE get away with it, I guess next time I will just host my own game on ww trans when I feel like it, what a pity then.

SO CUT THE BULLSHIT, THOUGH I LIKED McCARTHY PART NICE DIVERSION you should just merely write as I wrote above - inno until proven guilty and spare people time

Guess that's what "your kind" does when they don't have much to say, they talk about all kinds of things so that their entire speech doesn't look..empty : (((((
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Re: sgt1johson - BAN!!!!

Postby Falanor » Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:02 pm

Hey guys.

I have checked the logs and couldn’t find any suspicious actions coming from any players in the game including ‘sgt1johson’.

Moreover, I’m somewhat connected to IT and game development in general and can clearly say that this kind of hack sounds to me close to impossible to perform and not worth the effort since there are easier ways to cheat/hack. Knowing how game engines work, you can (theoretically) take some control in following circumstances (if we speak about WC3):

    1. You are the bot owner/(hosting game yourself) and have direct connection with the player, you know connection protocols and can send some packets that will confuse player’s client and cause its failure.
    2. You have access to the map development (or hacked the code by destroying map protection) and included some cheat triggers in the map. Even if you do it, you have to host the map yourself or upload it to the bot (in this case you need to hack the bot too or have key files and passwords) or use public hosting services. We know that these kind of maps exist, including hacked versions of WWT on MMH and ENT – that’s why we don’t recommend playing there.
    3. You hacked player’s computer and have some control over input devices or hardware ports. If that happened to him, I’m afraid losing a game is the least problem that player has right now.
    Each of these will need tremendous amount of time and skill to be able to perform this kind of hack. I don’t think that people who are capable of doing this will waste their time on hacking a small game played by 200 people.
Even if what you say were true, that sounds like a major security leak on wc3 engine, it would immediately cause community to demand Blizzard fixing this issue. If a player took control over your input mechanism, it means game’s client has opportunity to interact with Operating System beyond game needs and insert malicious code into the System, which is something much more dangerous than losing a game.

I have searched the web for what you described about League of Legends and could not find anything similar. I bumped into few forum posts with people having mouse/keyboard problems and it ended up being mouse/computer/engine malfunction but not a hack. Here are some: ... g-possible ... aying-WC3=

As far as I can tell this may be caused by the following reasons:

  • wc3 engine bug (in this case we can only wait for Blizzard to fix it)
  • DirectX/videodriver bug (perhaps updating your drivers and DirectX will help avoiding this in future)
    There was a known bug in DirectX environment on certain videocards when something in the background showed a popup, it would not display it, but would lock your cursor leaving you with pretty much what you described.
  • Some other software messed up your hotkeys (perhaps you had a media player with music in the background and it bugged out)

To sum it up, ‘sgt1johson’ is either not a hacker or a super skilled god of hacking, which I’m afraid of banning because knowing his skills, he will just ban us all on both bot and forums instead if I do so (and I’ll be very happy if he stops at that point).

Stormblessed, I’m removing your moderator status due to power abuse. You did not have the right to kick this person for an unproved suspicion.
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Re: sgt1johson - BAN!!!!

Postby Stormblessed » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:02 pm

This is incredibly weird and suspicious. Never happened before and how could you explain that everything was working outside warcraft 3 and inside the game only particular buttons?

How would you explain that it only happened in that one peculiar game and never before nor after?

To me it seems too much coincidental. Last time it happened to me was you could say ages ago, in competetive matches of League of Legends.

I don't know what this is but I am not crazy about it, and I know something is off.

Also i will add that the times when It happened to me in League of Legends were..when I was ridicolously overfed(here - when the guy died, and the thing that he wrote afterwards just no comment)

There is so much coincidence It would make one puke and the answer this guy has given could even add more to it.

What a pity, just to clarify:

*I have always newest drivers
*My mouse was working but you couldn't click anywhere in the game, it wasn't locked(while working soundly outside of warcraft 3!!)
*I don't play audio while playing warcraft 3, nor had anything opened at the time, rarely do.

The thing is, this kind of thing is really incredibly shady and most of people when playing league of legends would just probably shrug it off and take it for a bug. As was I until now.

Another thing to add is that, I had different hardware back then, when playing League(let's forget that my mouse is expensive one too), also I often scan and clean up my computer so there is no way for that scenario to be actually it either.

So fuck me, I stay in the right, It's just impossible to prove it. Pity. Feels like one of these Town of Salem games, where you deduce simple facts but...townies demand idiotically direct proofs about one's crime. Again it''s like..In the town there is only one firearm and there is a victim that died from a gunshot coincidentally being with that one person owning the gun, and you are like HMM nay that doesn't prove anything but unfortunately deeds in the network aren't as easy as that. Shame because you know that I wouldn't kick anyone out of petty reasons, I got cheated on that game it was so blatant that it's crazy. Oh well.

Have a good one with your sgt1johson. Though it was probably his first and last game .on this account. :-)