Gameplay *Incomplete*

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Created by Jesse_James
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Jesse James
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Gameplay *Incomplete*

Postby Jesse James » Fri May 21, 2010 7:29 pm

The following information is incomplete and subject to change. Feel free to discuss it and make suggestions!

At 14:12 a research vessel orbiting prospected planet 914 cut off all communications. The company would like to reclaim key research and important biological data while keeping human casualties to a minimum. The crew consists of 213 researchers, 48 flight crew, and approximately 1200 civilians. Research is considered classified.

- Restore Power and Communications
- Regain Control of the Bridge
- Rescue and Retrieve Company Assets
- Eliminate any threats

Agility, Strength and Intelligence have all been replaced with unique attributes. Each of the replacement attributes compliments a set of items, abilities and/or weapons that can impact the effectiveness of your unit. A medic with higher Medical skills will have improved results when using bandages or healing, while a infantryman or marksman will have greater success wielding a weapon or grenade.

Combat - Measures the combat effectiveness of some abilities and weapons.
Computers - Contributes to the success of a download, hack, or item.
Medical - Increases the effectiveness of medical class items and abilities.

To navigate all the levels of the research facility you, or a member of your team must possess certain security clearances. There are 4 security clearance levels that allow you to enter a variety of different rooms and perform different services the ship may provide.

Each level is linked by an teleporter platform. Each platform links to one other platform. Navigating from one end of the vessel to another may require you to pass through several levels.

The ship offers many useful applications that may expedite or sabotage your mission.

Synthesizer - The synthesizer may be used to generate medical supplies and weapons.

Security Grid - The security grid is a series of turrets and traps that may help regain or maintain control of the ship.

Environmental Control - Disabling environmental control could have very disastrous effects on your health. Perhaps you should leave this button unpressed...

Cargo Bay Doors - The cargo bay doors are a dangerous and useful tool. When opened any items or units within the cargo bay may be expelled into the vacuum of space.

Power Generators - 4 power generators working independently control many aspects of the ship. One generator may control propulsion and navigation, while another may control other applications. Turning on and off a generator may prevent certain actions from being taken.

Crystal Cutter - To repair a broken reactor you must prepare a specially cut crystal. Said crystals can be cut from a rough crystal using the cutters.

Communications Station - The com station allows you to communicate with the parent company, It can be used to receive information or request supplies.

Surveillance Center - The Surveillance center may be used to navigate a series of strategically placed camera's across the station. This allows you to find important NPC or locate your team members.
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Gameplay *Incomplete*

Postby Insomnia » Fri May 21, 2010 7:53 pm

hm, sounds like zerg/zombie surviver to me?? you get a hero and try not to die while fixing/finding things/players
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Gameplay *Incomplete*

Postby jorgijus » Sat May 22, 2010 9:30 am

Looks really cool.I can't wait to see it
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Gameplay *Incomplete*

Postby The_hunter » Mon May 24, 2010 10:52 am

looks like you put a lot of though into this, i like it. ^_^
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Gameplay *Incomplete*

Postby Antiseen » Sun Jun 06, 2010 7:56 pm

Will their be a randomly selected player zombie?