Hero Suggestions

An alternative to God's Land/Titan Land that is more strategy-oriented.

This game is no longer updated.

Created by Azrooh
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Hero Suggestions

Postby Azrooh » Fri Apr 30, 2010 5:47 pm

I need more heroes, and so hero suggestions are still open.
There's no guaruntee your suggestion will make it in, though I will fulfill all requests I can.

Hero Suggestions:

--Please follow this format when posting hero suggestions.

--Hero Class:

--Ability 1: Meow!
--Ability 1 Description: Meow meow meow meow meow

--Ability 2: Meowmeow!
--Ability 2 Description: Roar bip meow

--Ability 3: Meowmeowmeow!
--Ability 3 Description: Roar meow bip

--Ultimate: ROARRRRRRR!
--Ultimate Description: ROAR.

--Ranged or melee?
--Icon Follow this tutorial: Dead Link
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Hero Suggestions

Postby robertisme » Sat May 01, 2010 3:28 pm


--Hero's name: Kloner the Defiler
--Hero's Class: Unholy ravenger
--Hero's age: Unknown even to him

--Melee based hero

--Ability 1: Deiled army of the dead
--Ability 1 Discription: raises the dead
--Ability 1 (in short): raises 6 or so undead to fight for you

--Ability 2: Plague strike
--Ability 2 Discription: Spreads a plague to any target affected with it.
--Ability 2 (in short): causes Disease spell to spead to any target affected with it or that comes in contact with the target affected by this spell

--Ability 3: Unholy blast
--Ability 3 Discription: conjuring the dark matter in the land around him the Defiled ravenger releases a nova from around him to all nerby enemys
--Ability 3 (in short): deals damage around the caster)

--Ultimate: Everlasting dispare
--Ultimate Discription: the Unholy ravenger burdens all units even his own with Everlasting dispare causeing them to turn into battle crazed warriors fighting agenst anything that comes near them
--Ultimate (in short): turns all units in a radius around the Unholy ravenger neutral hostile

just as a question how come no custom models will be added?
they do make for great affects :P -- well the spell ones would anyway :P
but if i may could u make this class use arthas but tint him with

if u could get the undead arthas skin from hive with the spiked shoulders that would be cool but since u said no customs models it ok if u don't....

--Lore (what i do for fun)
once, noble and proud among the race of nobles.
now no more then a mere pesant after he watched his mother and father die by the hand of the lich king, kloner sought revenge. joing the paladin core of lorderon he grew and trained under the famous paladin Arthas Menethil until he turned agenst lorderon,
feeling he had nowere left to go in this world he continued combating scourge and clensing the land of the unholy plague apon it.
however seeking power he left his homeland in order to fight stronger apponents. the lich king watched as this boy grow and eventually corrupted his mind morphing him into a General for the Scourges unholy legions...

Model: arthas(weilding frostmoorne)
Interface: undead warrior
interface side screan: undead warrior
Voice: dreadlords, or undead arthas
Blue: 255
Red: 225
Yellow: 255
it would give a cool affect
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Hero Suggestions

Postby The_hunter » Sat May 01, 2010 7:24 pm

been playing this a lot lately, :P very good job on all the available things you can do as god(red) i like the Force name and force colour triggers :D .... hero idea!

The Hunter

wild run - increases attack and movement speed for a little while.

deadly throw - throws a spear which pushes the unit back and stuns for a little while

animal hide armor - reduces damage taken with every level increase, (Ex: reduce 3 dmg at level 1 and 6 dmg at level 2 etc etc..)

madness - yells at the enemy and pushes everything in the area away from him (floating text would be awesome to show the yelling part :D )

[color=#FFEE00]Ranged hero.
Bandit model (same as arbaleister model)
Bandit icon

it'd be sweet if you added it, also make a little more heroes available for players, rather than having them ask god to give them heroes :D [/color]
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Hero Suggestions

Postby Azrooh » Sun May 02, 2010 10:16 am

Thanks for the suggestion, Robertisme. I'll add it in one of the updates when I get to working on GT again.
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Hero Suggestions

Postby robertisme » Sun May 02, 2010 12:18 pm

np and i'll ad more :P because i kinda like this game ^^ it provides lots of good clean fun, unlike fighting with kendo swords without padding like my 4 brothers and i do :P
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Hero Suggestions

Postby Firsty » Sun May 02, 2010 1:50 pm


Original notes:
Bard Hero(Shandris model or Archer when archer form.  Swordsman or custom Female Swordsman model).  Innate skill; Switch bewteen sword and bow.  Damage aura(30/50/80%).   Active spell(Causes Bard to be unable to be attacked normally or targetted by spells, AoE spells still work).  Active spell(Bard attacks 20/35/58% faster when cast and moves 100/160/220% faster).  Ult: 10% to charm every 5 seconds tp enemies in 350 radius, 50% to charm on attack

I realise these skills are confusing/impossible, I will change some of them.

Final notes:
Bard Hero, DPS/Aurawarrior
2 models, archer mode is high elven archer while sword mode is high elven swprdsman.

Innate: Switch bewtween sword and bow, while in sword, increased damage, life, and aspeed. When in archer, increased mspeed and ranged.

Skill 1-
Requiem of Battle-
Command Aura like move. 10/20/30/40/55%

Skill 2-
Scornful Melody-
Active skill. Reduces enemies' damage and aspeed. Damage reduction- 5/10/20/28/38%. Aspeed Reduction- 5/9/14/18/22%

Ode to God-
Summons 3/4/5/6/8 soldiers of whatever tier the owner of Bard is on.

Melody of Seduction-
Charms all units in an AoE of 450.

Icon- Sylvannus Icon for both modes.

Since well, someone posted a lore, what the hell.

Rimealia Verntia was a young woman in a lonely town, village, small town, whatever. She was fascinated by the wonders that the travelling people had to offer and decided to take into one of their wings. However, as war loomed closer and closer, her mentor would have her learn the ways of the bow and sword to protect herself. She also learned basic war tactics against her own will. Now, Lexus Simeria, the strange woman warlord picks Rimealia as one of her generals.
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Hero Suggestions

Postby robertisme » Sun May 02, 2010 7:30 pm


-made one for the dark side now here is a light one

-i don't make specifics because i think it should be up to you for balancing

-Hero's name: Zaroth nulzarin
-Hero's class: Redeemed Undead
-hero's age: 93

-Ability 1: Path of redemption
-Ability 1: Charms one enemy with a 60s cooldown

-Ability 2: Spread the light
-Ability 2: Deals damage in a 450 AOE to all enemys and heals all allies in a 450 AOE

-Ability 3: Call of the Grave
-Ability 3: Being undead he has a life which cannot end (reincarnation) 180s cooldown

-Ability 4: Purged by the light
-Ability 4: This unit has been cleansed by the light increasing its armor and its damage

-Ability 5 (ult): Dark rage
-Ability 5 (ult): The Lich king still has a slight hold over this poor beings mind causing him to berserk sometimes becoming a very vicious warrior increasing attack speed by 20% damage by 15% and giving him a 45% life Steal lasts 30s >4min cooldown<

model: somthing that looks holy and undead and has a huge sword
Tint: kinda light but mostly normal
icon: arthas normal
interface: Undead warrior

Zaroth nulzarin, once served under the Lich king in countless fights agensts the living, he was a general for the scourge. Until he fought the Paladin Xande fighting for meny years on end, it seemed like a remorsless winter never ending until Xandert, Xande's brother came into this Battlefield. He fought with the Scourge for seven days holding up in a small cavern with his men, the 12 Holy Paladins of the eternal order, their job is to Cleanse the scourge from their imprisonment, and redeem those whom are worthy to fight among the Eternal Order! after seven days Zaroth nulzarin went into the cavern and....found his glory short lived as he was crucified and judged by the light.... only time will tell what is to become of him
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Hero Suggestions

Postby robertisme » Sun May 02, 2010 8:50 pm


-Name: Tyrus Jameson
-Class: Master swordsman
-Age: 15

-Ability 1: Lightning Slash
-Ability 1: This warrior has learned from his master how to make his attacks yeild the force of lightning
-Ability 1 in short: Massive Damage with few targets

-Ability 2: 360 Defence
-Ability 2: His swordsmanship is nearly perfect from taking his masters technique and perfecting it to protect him and counterattack enemys
-Ability 2 in short: gives a chance to deal a bounus set damage and also gives a chance to parry/dodge attacks

-Ability 3: Zan'rokk, The Shatterd edge
-Ability 3: used by his master Befor it Broke and his master brutally murderd
-Ability 3 in short: increasses base damage, gives a spash effect, and gives a chance to deal bonus damage to the target

-Ability 4: Unyeilding Life
-Ability 4: Threw the life threatening challenges his master put him threw caused him to become so strong even when he feels like hes dead he still has the will to get up and fight once more
-Ability 4 in short: (reincarnation) and increases Strength

-Ability 5 (ult): Master Swordsman
-Ability 5 (ult): his master has promoted the most adeptive swordsman he has ever trained into a master and at the yongest age
-Ability 5 in short: gives a 70% increased damage

-model: arthas
-size: 60 or 70% of normal, to make him shorter
-tint: none
icon: footman
innerface: viliger

Tyrus Jameson, lived in a small village for most of his life growing normaly paying tribute to the king and working in the feilds most of his life. unaware of the growing threat of the forest nearby, his village was assulted by the local bandits. pillaged and burned he watched from the forest high in a tree as his who town friends brother sister even his mother and father as they died helplessly, the bandits saw him in the tree and ran after him as he tried to run. and they caught him. but one thing was unexspected an old hermit in the forest named John was a master with swords and saved the child only to put him threw life threatening challanges which made the true warrior inside him emerge...
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Hero Suggestions

Postby Firsty » Sun May 02, 2010 10:39 pm


Rough Outline, subject to balance-

Shadow Dancer
Caster hero, secondary DPS.
Jaina model, slightly dark tinted.

Umbratic Dance (Umbra is shadow in Latin)
Increases all allied units in a AoE of 1500 damage and movespeed by 35/45/55/66/73% damage and 70/90/125/140/160% move speed. For 7/7/8/9/10 seconds.

Servants of Darkness.
Summons 1/2/3/4/4 spirits. Lvl 1-4 spirts have 45 HP and moderate damage. Lvl 5 damage has 60 HP and more damage.

IF POSSIBLE- Aura of Umbra
Increases nearby units in an AoE of 850 evasion and critical strike chance by 5/9/13/16/20 Crit chance. 7/9/14/17/20 Evasion chance.

Otherwise- Wave of death.
Carrion Swarm like move. Deals 15/25/35/40/50 damage.

Avatar from the Depths (Inspired from Zarine's Avatar Summoning. FirstShotZ's char)

Summons a powerful spirit.

Avatar from the Depths:
200 life. Low damage. 65% evasion. Carrion Swarm, doing moderate damage. Mass cripple. Permanent Immolation.
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Hero Suggestions

Postby robertisme » Mon May 03, 2010 6:14 pm


--Name: Garon
--Class: Werewolf
--Age: Unkown

--Initiate skill:Werewolf form
--What it does: Transforms garon into a werewolf

--Human form Abilitys--
--Ability 1: Snipe
--What it does: Deals massive, and somtimes fatal damage to a single target

--Ability 2: kidney shot
--What it does: Stuns the target for a short duration of time, this increases with level

--Ability 3: Hightend sences
--What it does: Incresses the following stats -sight -attack range -aquiration range and at night only gives a permenent invisiblity

--Ability 4: Master's call
--What it does: Garon summons a black wolf named Hectate which fights by her masters side, unsummons when in werewolf form

--Ability ULT: The hunter's style
--What it does: -passive- increases movement speed, crit, evassion, damage, and (reduces enemy armor when she attacks)

--Werewolf Form--

--Initiate skill: human form
--What it does: reverts garon back to human form

--Ability 1: Call of the Wild
--What it does: -Passive- Increases the folowing stats -health regen -attack speed -minor damage bonus -major run speed, and also gives an invisability durring night

--Ability 2: Thrill of the Hunt
--What it does: -Passive- Life stealing

--Ability 3: The thrill to kill (might need some balancing)
--What it does: Each kill the werewolf makes increases his damage at the cost of his life 5 damage for 10 life

--Ability 4: Relentless assult
--What it does: AoE in a line in front of Garon

--Ability ULT: Ferocity of the lycan
--What it does: For the next 10 secounds the werewolf feels the full power of the Moon's light
increases Garon's Damage by 100%
increases Garon's Armor by 40
increases Garon's Health by 100%
For the First 5 secounds Garon gets an immolation like spell that deals 10 damage to all enemys in a 1500 AoE

Human form info
Model: Archer -- wish u could get a male one if not high elf will work
Icon: Priest
Innerface: Priest
Tint: none

Werewolf form info
Model: Wolf -- if possible to get a custom werewolf that would be cool as well
Icon: Wolf
Innerface: wolf
Tint: none

Lore was not yet ready to upload sorry :P
i have wrote it out on paper but its not yet uploaded i am lazy sorry :P
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Hero Suggestions

Postby Firsty » Mon May 03, 2010 10:06 pm


1st notes-
Flame Runner (Warden Model, red tinted or on fire): Soul of Flame (Passive, cleaving and enemies go on fire and recieve DoT damage).  Flamy Essence (Spiked-Carapiece based, 33/66/100% return. 4/7/10 armor.). Explosion (Explosion effect from VYM if possible.  AoE move.). Ult: Flame Runner's Endurance (Avatar-Like move, also increases Cleaving to 100% when activated.)

2nd Edit-
Soul of the Phoenix. (Phoenix fire like type move.  5/7/9/13/15 damage. 2/3/4/5/6 DoT.).
Burning Wave.  (Shoots a cone of fire, causing enemies to burn and take DoT.). 10/14/18/22/24 damage.  3/4/4/5/6 DoT.  Lasts 5 seconds.

Burning Strikes.  Cleaving, 10/20/30/40/50%.

Flaming Desire. 50% life steal.

3rd Edit-
Red tinted Warden model. 185 red/50 green/50 blue.

Semi Final Edit, still subject to balance-
Flame Runner.
DPS Caster.
Melee, primary attribute agi. Secondary attribute int.
Same skills as 2nd edit.
Same tint as 3rd edit.

Nisura Destraga was one of the blood thirsty Flame Runners. Flame Runners, known to fling fire and strike swiftly, making their enemies scream in pain....literally. A few of them are rumored to even eat their crispy foes...enjoying the...barbecued taste? One thing is certain, they are not human, nor are they humanoid....but then, what are they? With many worried eyes watching her, Nisura joins Simeria's ranks.
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Hero Suggestions

Postby eleteguard » Tue May 04, 2010 5:18 pm


--Hero Class: Phoenix Incarnate

--Ability 1: Flame of a Phoenix
--Ability 1 Description: The incarnate body burns flames similar to that of a real phoenix. Improves area of effect and burn damage per second with levels.

--Ability 2: Breath of a Phoenix
--Ability 2 Description: Generates a ball of fire that does deal fair damage, and reduce the targets armor for a duration. Has zero cooldown and initial damage improves with levels.

--Ability 3: Wings of a Phoenix
--Ability 3 Description: Take the form a phoenix to gain the ability to fly. Short duration, medium cooldown(level one: 5seconds and 45 second cooldown). Levels increase duration.

--Ultimate: Essence of a Phoenix
--Ultimate Description: Drawing form the phoenix soul implanted within the incarnate’s body he loses 2 hitpoints per second and gain 5 mana per second. If the incarnate die while this mode is active the use will raise back out of his own ashes. Lasts until the user dies or turns it off. Long cooldown.

--Model: Blood Mage
--Icon: Blood Mage
Lore likeness: Some phoenix cult implanted the soul of a phoenix into a man and this is the result. He is one of the very few that have ever survived the process. Due to his natural body heat it is near impossible for him to use normal weapons of metal and wood, hence why he fights unarmed. The user was a non-magical person so he has very little mana regeneration when he isn’t drawing out most of the phoenix within him.
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Hero Suggestions

Postby Firsty » Tue May 11, 2010 9:36 pm


Shits and Giggles hero- Warcraft nub

Warcraft Nub
Model- Villager Human Kid
Icon- Villager Kid
Support/Caster hero
Primary- Str
High str, low agi, medium int

Innate- Instead of the normal innate, WN gets

Throw mouse-
Firebolt like move- Deals 35 damage and stuns for 2 seconds.

Skill 1-
how do i plai?- WN asks a lot of questions, lowering all nearby units, except himself's armor and damage by 25/35/45/55/66%.  Effect lasts 4 seconds.

i dont pick a hero!- Soul burn type move, only works on heroes.  Deals 2/3/4/5/6 DoT, effects last 10 seconds.  Silences.  This also causes WN to lose 35/30/25/20/10% of his life and silences him for 6/5/4/4/3 seconds.

RIGGED- WN acuses everything of being rigged, causing all and allies in an area of 550/575/600/625/650 be useless for 8 seconds.  After 75 seconds, WN will ragequit, causing him to die after using this.

Increases hero's damage, aspeed, mspeed, armor, hp, mp by 175% for 45 seconds.  After 45 seconds, hero will die.

Shits and Giggles Hero-
DotA Fag
Model- Peasant

1st skill-
Nerd Rage-
Instantly goes in a rage, attacking and moving 25/40/50/65/80% faster.  Is permanent, but loses health until deactivated.
Lore- People who play DotA or any other AoS have their rage moments.  They often go in a frenzy and suicide then leave immediantly.

Easy Mode-
Passive, gains a small amount of gold if hero last hits an enemy.
When used, gain 25/50/100/200/350 gold when used.  45 second cooldown.
Lore- This player is way too used to easy mode, and he brings it with him in combat.

LOL at nubs-
DotA fag laughs at the noobs, killing allies and enemies that have 15/25/35/40/45% life remaining.  THIS AFFECTS SELF TOO!....Man, how ironic.
Lore- Everyone wants to laugh at noobs, it makes them feel superior, even if it's their own teammates.  Otherwise, there'd be no pubstomps.

Just another face in the crowd-
DotA fag multiplies himself, causing 7 mirror images.  This causes enemies to grow annoyed and gain 25% additional damage.  As well as allies gaining 35% additional damage.  Hey, everyone wants to get this war over with now. =P. Images take 150% increased damage and deal 50% less damage.
Lore- This DotA player brings his "friends" with him to combat, little does he know, he used his newly acquired Manta Style.  Although, who can tell the diffrence?  They're all fat and lazy and pratically look the same.

DotA fag dosen't know the meaning of dodging and criticals, instead of the normal innate, he gets a roar type move.

Roar of...uh, Leaguers?  Lolwut-
Grants 25% additional damage to nearby allies, roar type move.
Lore- The DotA player achieves league status and well, he types in caps to encourage his team.  Although his chars may dodge and crit, he has no combat experience and cannot exactly do that.

Ja'Mon was a simple man....on Warcraft 3: TFT....uh..who played DotA.  He went crazy after playing it so much that he thought it was real.  One fateful night, he had a dream where he met Sun Tzu and was beat up by him.  Little did he know, he was sent by Melitele (Credits go to Twilight's Eve) and teleported in the middle of Lexus Simeria's throne room.  Now, he must prove himself to keep his head...uh, well...uh...live.  God, why does this char have so many ironies and double meanings?  QQ.

Dark Elven Hydraulic Knight
DPS Caster Tank Hybrid
Model- Sentry, dark tinted.
Primary stat- Str.  
High str and int, low agi.
Icon- Sentry

Frost Defense-
Passive.  Deals 5/5/6/7/7 damage to all attackers, ranged and melee and slows them by 50/50/60/65/75% attack speed and move speed.

Blast of water-
Deals 10/15/20/25/30 damage in a cone, knocksback enemies and slows them.

Hydraulic Overload-
Adds 1/2/3/4/5 damage per hit on enemies.  When an enemy dies under this effect, they deal 5/10/14/17/20 damage to enemies in a 450 AoE.

The Storm is Here!-
Causes a Monsoon and Tornado at a random location on map, be warned, these can hit your base!  60 second cooldown.


Aqautic Energies-
Every kill will make a minion, they can't attack but can be sacrificed to give the hero more move speed, attack speed, and damage for an amount of time.  Also, they can be used to Kaboom, dealing 25 damage to all units near explosion site.  Deals 350 to buildings.
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Hero Suggestions

Postby Crazy-Host » Mon May 17, 2010 4:58 pm


--Hero Class: Douchebag #2
--Names: Myth(l)Heimdall
--Age: 10

--Ability 1: Pure Uglyness
--Ability 1 Description: The douchebag has has overloaded pimples and zits. Takes expired acne medication. It reduces armor to ALL(including allies) units nearby which reduces 2/3/4/5/6 armor.

--Ability 2: QQ
--Ability 2 Description: The douchebag is known for its massive QQs. He rage quits and spams people which deal 100/200/300/400/500 damage to a single unit.

--Ability 3: Stalker
--Ability 3 Description: The creep randomly comes to Clan VoF channel and stalks people, He is known to have a shit clan. The creep makes people run away from him in between 250/300/350/400/500 range.

--Ultimate: Known to be a douchebag
--Ultimate Description: The douchebag industry elected this faggot as the president of douchebag industry. He can summon a douchebag for protection in fights. Adds 9999 armor for 15/20/25/30/35 seconds.

--Ranged (The retard throws rocks)
--Model: Villager Kid
--Icon: Villager Kid
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Hero Suggestions

Postby Azrooh » Sat May 22, 2010 11:13 am

Thanks for the suggestions! These will be worked into future versions of the map.