Werewolf - Transylvania 1.25 *Official Download*

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Werewolf - Transylvania 1.25 *Official Download*

Postby Pwnage » Tue May 27, 2014 4:18 pm

I'm not sure why the original 1.25 post was deleted, but luckily, I have my promo saved.


We're releasing version 1.25 as a well deserved patch to 1.24c. In the previous version, fishing received a major mechanic change, and culling did as well. Unfortunately, culling was soon discovered to be incredibly over powered compared to all other skills, discouraging players to experiment. With the re-introduction of ivory towers, players began to create bases with over 50 towers, providing an extraordinary defense that would destroy any attacking force. In 1.25, no major mechanics are being introduced or messed with, but instead, this version is a simple patch to the problems 1.24c caused. That being said, major mechanic changes will be introduced in the next versions to come!

v1.25 Changelog Here are some of the bigger changes you can expect in version 1.25:
  • All attacks trigger war
    • Dogs/lumberjacks/adolescent males will no longer be able to kill boss animals without drawing aggression
  • Archer changes
    • Food cost increased from 1 to 2
      • With archers costing 2 food instead of one, players will be able to have a max number of 25 archers compared to 50.
  • Chicken coop fixes
    • Eggs can now be gathered in either build modes
    • Message indicating when the coop is full will be displayed in either build modes
    • Eggs are now dropped next to the chicken coop
      • Much more realistic mechanic compared to eggs magically appearing in your villager's inventory
  • Culling changes
    • Swine and sheep mana regeneration rate decreased
      • Mana regeneration decreased from 2.00 to 0.75
        • Culling is no longer a viable primary source for leveling/income, but rather supplementary
        • Players are now discouraged from turtling with culling as an income and are urged to hunt, fish, or mine as a primary source of experience
  • Dog fixes
    • Dogs are now permanently spawned
    • Dogs can now be spawned in either build mode
    • Dogs spawned by the Call dog spell will no longer disappear upon switching build menus
  • Limited number of Ivory Towers
    • 15 tower limit
      • Excludes enchanted oaks
      • Changed in order to discourage turtling
  • Prowl fixes
    • Prowl movement speed has been cut in half
    • Prowl will now correctly break on attack
      • This now makes prowl a viable skill to level when playing as the werewolf and it will not glitch out on users rendering them useless.
  • Shade changes
    • Shades are now significantly slower
    • Shades will no longer be fast enough to catch up with the werewolf, decreasing the likelihood of them revealing the werewolf's identity to the rest of the players.
  • Wandering shop fixes
    • Both the Wandering Hunter and the Sutler effectively pass through units and buildings.
      • Now players brewing coffee will not be able to trap the hunter and gain an unreasonable amount of health
      • Players are now unable to monopolize the salesmen, making the game much more fair

Minor changes:
  • Backpack hint removed
    • Backpack hero has been removed for many versions
  • Tower tooltip changed
  • Tracking scope tooltip changed

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Re: Werewolf - Transylvania 1.25 *Official Download*

Postby danielstand » Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:35 pm

Thanks! This Official Download Announcement Would make us download the map in no time , free from searchin just insta click the download then were playing!