Project: Springboard

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Project: Springboard

Postby B2zeldafreak » Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:54 pm

I'm proud to announce the beginning phase of a new project. After reviewing current forum activity and interest, and map possibilities, I have decided on where to start this project.

I plan to update this topic 3 times over the next 3 days - week. Each day there will be a poll/question, and I would like everyone to answer it. After the final day concludes I will have decided, and reveal what Starcraft 2 map I will be working on.

<big>Day 1: What is your favorite Warcraft 3 map and why?</big>


Map Name:

Aproximate map size:

Brief Description:

What you like:

Suggestions for improvement:

Feel free to expand on those in your post, but please give that basic information. Also if you want you can do more than one map.

Here is (one of) mine.

Name: Vampire Hunter's

Size: Medium-small

Brief Description: There's 2 teams, light and dark. Dark fights in the outlying towns to gain strength, the Light fight to defend the keep in the middle of the map. Both sides can summon units to help them fight. Dark also has a Nexus where they go to buy things.

I like: I like the size, and theme. It's a simpler map than many, not as stressful as DotA, not as complicated as Werewolf. The small map size, and light theme make this a fun map.

I would improve: More interesting fighting/farming mechanics. The dark only kill villagers who don't even fight back for most of the game.
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Project: Springboard

Postby Luff » Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:20 am

Here's my fav map:

Map Name: Metastasis

Aproximate map size: Epic (as seen in wc3)

Brief Description: At the start, one or several players will be secretly selected as your opponents. You will be placed within a space station in the sector 198X2 and must figure out who is the enemy, and kill him before he kills you and your fellow humans. The enemy(ies) may be from 1 to 2 depending on how many players have joined the game.

What you like: The epic spaceship battles, the random events and the many undiscovered secrets make it interesting. Also too many ways to lulzy tk, which are better used to mass kill you, your friends and the alien/mutant

Suggestions for improvement: Fel starts working on it again. Then add more baddies, more stations that have good uses and maybe more spaceships.
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Project: Springboard

Postby Insomnia » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:26 am

Map Name: SWAT Aftermath

Aproximate map size: the biggest one i think? its a BIG map, until you have nightmare following you across it, then feels tiny, lol

Brief Description: play as swat member, shoot zombies and survive. set promotions, work as team, die as a team. listen to the leader, be on voice for NM and above

What you like: progress of load/save, short codes and awards. mostly played as the SS(Solo Sniper who kills Rads) so had the whole run past zombies while they ignore me was nice, untill spiders poped out...
could change how hard it was... from easy to hard and impossible(and more unlockable ones: PIN, NM)
easy was very soloable, as was normal if you knew what you were doing... hard was ok with a team.

Suggestions for improvement: um? no idea... never played all the classes, only a few.
export the game out of WC3 woudl be nice... (screw you dota)
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Project: Springboard

Postby Battlefield_Rick » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:22 pm

you play SWAT? Nice me toOOOOO
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Project: Springboard

Postby Battlefield_Rick » Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:29 pm

Map Name: Twilights Eve ORPG Final

Aproximate map size: Large - EPIC

Brief Description: Quest, Level, get different classes (Mage,warrior, etc etc) then level them through jobs 1-4 get items from dungeons in the game, or from merchants. Dungeons ranking from easy - impossible(1-4).

What I like: The vast amount of character options, quest chooses, the community, map size, items, special ability effects, and many other things that make the game that much more enjoyable!

Suggestions for improvement: To make more versions of the game, make more classes, more dungeons, more items, more special abilities, more quests, bug fixes, make the game's characters be able to tank except for relying on a ArchSage, nerf some of the lower level creeps such as the level 30 bandits 300 dmg a hit and you being job 1-2 level 40 - 50 they eat you alive, make the game less reliant on items but still rely on the high-end items, and lastly i have to say add some secrets or easter eggs to make it fun :)