1.27.04 - 1.27.18 Changelog

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1.27.04 - 1.27.18 Changelog

Postby Falanor » Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:57 am

All versions of 1.27.XX are considered as experimental beta. Due to this, the only official place where you can download these, is our bot (you download it automatically when you join the game) or this post (check attachment).

We will post change log for these versions here and on our Discord channel (https://discord.gg/mHaHnTY).

This is outdated thread. Latest version is here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1072#p11328
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Re: 1.27.XX Changelog

Postby Falanor » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:03 pm

1.27.04 Changes:

  • Fixed bug with werewolf not being able to use South-East Cave Entrance.
  • Fixed Werewolf Acute Sense mana issue, it is now usable again on any level.
  • Increased amount of Ore required to obtain Shield from 45 to 65.
  • Added limit on Clockwork Villager, players now can summon only one of these during game.

1.27.05 Changes:

  • Fixed bug with Werewolf Chance Shift function when it wouldn't work.
  • Removed Shield Upgrade.
  • Increased speed bonus gain for 'Sprint' Werewolf ability from 10% to 14% for each upgrade.

1.27.06 Changes:

  • Fixed Winter/Fall seasonal visibility bug of trees being chopped in the fog of war.
  • Fixed bug with trees when units couldn’t harvest wood after season change.
  • Fixed bug with corpses disappearing. Victim corpses should never despawn spontaneously.
  • Fixed vision bug. It should never be granted during season changes
  • Added "-wtii" and Shady Villager to no secrets mode, including removing shady villager from the map.
  • Using dynamite now declares war.
  • Some general performance improvements.

1.27.07 Changes:

  • Fixed stumps being turned into trees during seasonal changes
  • Fishnet now decreases speed by 100% (no movement)
  • Max HP cap is now equal to 3860
  • Some general performance improvements

1.27.08 Changes:

  • Temporarily removed Molotov Cocktail due to bug when werewolf can be one-shooted.
  • Doubled amount of strength points gained by Werewolf from Minions consume on level 25. (Experimental)
  • Added dynamic increase of night time speed. From night 4 to night 7 their duration will gradually increase by 100%. (Experimental)
    Night 3 - 3.08 min
    Night 4 - 3.52 min
    Night 5 - 4.10 min
    Night 6 - 4.92 min
    Night 7 - 6.15 min

1.27.09 Changes:

  • Spear Shot ability now deals 200 damage to Villager and stuns him for 2 seconds, for any other target (including Werewolf) it didn’t change, 500 damage and 5 second stun.
  • Increased amount of strength points gained by Werewolf from Minions consume on level 25. Now it gives 0.4 strength per minion.
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Re: 1.27.XX Changelog

Postby Falanor » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:18 pm

1.27.10 Changes:

  • Name randomization – now players that want to be werewolves can also enable ‘name randomization’ feature. This is available to players higher rank 100. To do this, whisp ‘nr’ to FBot after you have chosen to be werewolf.
    When game starts, all slots are tossed and every player gets a random name, making it very hard to find out who is playing who.
  • Complete rewrote of timer functions in the map engine made it desync-free. The only reason you could catch a desync now is corrupt cache from other custom games. To avoid it, please, restart your game before joining Werewolf Transylvania Lobby. This will clean your cache.
  • New Information exchange protocol for map and bot, which made it possible to capture almost all data and events in live mode. This made possible some features that you can already see on Status Page (Player role, status, name, who killed who and many more) and in our Discord channel (you can talk to people in Lobby and back).
  • New Elo-based Rating system. You can read about it in details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system
    To make it short, it’s an effective way to calculate player’s skill level. Depending on players that you defeat, your rating will change accordingly. If you win versus weak (compared to you) player, your Elo raiting gain will be almost zero. If he wins, your Elo will decrease a lot (while his will rise).
    It can’t grow infinitely, to make it grow you need to defeat players of your level.
    Rank will be based on Elo Skill (you need to play at least 10 hours with new system to get your full Elo into consideration).
    If you leave the game (excluding desync) it counts as defeat vs all players. If you were villager and wolf was killed by someone else, you will get 0 Elo.

1.27.11 Changes:

  • Fixed bug when haunted corpse thrown inside of a cave would cause game crash for all players.
  • Animals spawn function has been changed. Now animals won’t be stuck in trees and won’t randomly die for no reason.
  • Werewolf minions are now limited to 300. If that limit is exceeded, werewolf will get 5 strength for every 10 slain. If amount of minions decreases back, werewolf will get minions for his kills again.
  • Added two extra entrances (covered by trees) for two bases: waterfall base (new entrance is on the north) and base with Windmill (entrance from the west).

    2017.10.15_17.13.18_tx2pc_cut.jpg (497.3 KiB) Viewed 2686 times
    2017.10.15_16.57.59_tx2pc_cut_3.jpg (310.67 KiB) Viewed 2686 times

  • We enabled GProxy for our bot! This tool makes it possible to reconnect back to the game even if your internet was cut for up to 3 minutes! This will help you maintain stable connection.
    Quick info on that:
    war3version = 28
    port = 6114
    exeversion =
    exeversionhash =
    passwordhashtype =
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Re: 1.27.XX Changelog

Postby Falanor » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:18 pm

1.27.12 Changes:

  • Trebuchet: damage is significantly increased (especially against buildings). It can destroy trees in 9 hits on large area. Player can only have three trebuchets unpacked. They are available for craft after day 4.
    Be very careful though, it will damage everything it hits including your own unit and allies.
    Small Video Demo can be watched here: http://falanor.dlinkddns.com:83/files/TrebuchetDemo.mp4
  • Decreased amount of animals spawning during game.
  • Increased stun cooldown for zombie Haunted Corpse from 8 sec to 20.
  • Removed blessing event that gave 5 food to a random player.
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Re: 1.27.XX Changelog

Postby Falanor » Sat Oct 28, 2017 10:40 pm

1.27.13 Changes:

  • Jasmine Tea duration changed from 12 to 10 sec, cooldown increased from 7 to 30 seconds.
  • - All herbs that are acquirable from Traveling Lady (The Sutler) have now 60 seconds spawning delay from start of the game. They are now stacked up to 3 items but have 20 sec restock rate.
  • - Maximum amount of animals has now been decreased:

      Rabbits from 22 to 18
      Raccoons from 18 to 15
      Stags from 13 to 9 (excluding ‘children’)
      Boars from 14 to 11
      Wolves from 12 to 9
      Bears from 10 to 8
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Re: 1.27.XX Changelog and Download Link

Postby Falanor » Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:35 pm

1.27.14 Changes:

    Espionage changes
  • Espionage will no longer reveal non-player buildings
  • Espionage will reveal location of all player-owned buildings
  • Espionage will only ping location of villagers
  • After the initial 5 second reveal, buildings will go into the fog of war, and the villagers will remain out of the fog of war for another 3 seconds, and will be pinged again
  • Espionage should work at all times
    (Previously you'd have to occasionally re-purchase it)

1.27.15 Changes:

    Molotov Cocktail
  • Molotov Cocktail is back!
  • No longer insta-kills units
  • Does 250 damage over 10 seconds (25 damage per second)
  • Cooldown set to 15 seconds
    Mounted Units (special thanks to Coronatorum)
  • Changed name of "Calvary" -> "Lancer"
  • Changed name of "Knight Calvary" -> Knight
  • Dragoons now properly cost 75 gold and lumber
  • Cataphracts now properly cost 100 gold and lumber
    Lighthouse (special thanks to Coronatorum)
  • When a lighthouse is destroyed, you can no longer instantly send out new vessels
  • If you purchase a vessel before it has returned, you will be refunded the cost, but it will go on cooldown to prevent abuse

1.27.16 Changes:

  • Making Clockwork Villager now costs 60 ore instead of 100.
  • Jasmine Tea is no longer stackable; you can have only one item of that type per slot.
  • Espionage now costs 3500 gold.
  • Elderflower Cordial (Invulnerability Potion) now has duration of 6 seconds (instead of 12)
  • Villager unit now gains 30% of werewolf experience from killing mobs during night.
  • Fixed bug with in-game ‘ranked’/’unranked’ notice at the beginning. Now it shows the proper game mode (It used to show ‘ranked’ mode always).

1.27.17 Changes:

  • Fixed bug when players could build more than 3 Trebuchets.
  • Trebuchet damage to all units has been decreased from 500 to 300. Damage to buildings and trees did not change.
  • Cooldown on Werewolf’s Prowl ability is increased by 3 seconds (from 15 to 18). Bonus damage from backstab is increased from 40 to 50 per ability level. On level 5 it does 280 damage instead of 240.
  • Added some informational messages about night and day count.

1.27.18 Changes:

  • Fish Scale Armor is no longer stackable. Villager can now carry only one of those at a time.