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1.27.XX Changelog

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:57 am
by Falanor
All versions of 1.27.XX are considered as experimental beta. Due to this, the only official place where you can download these, is our bot (you download it automatically when you join the game) or replay directory.
We will post change log for these versions here and on our Discord channel (

1.27.04 Changes:

  • Fixed bug with werewolf not being able to use South-East Cave Entrance.
  • Fixed Werewolf Acute Sense mana issue, it is now usable again on any level.
  • Increased amount of Ore required to obtain Shield from 45 to 65.
  • Added limit on Clockwork Villager, players now can summon only one of these during game.

1.27.05 Changes:

  • Fixed bug with Werewolf Chance Shift function when it wouldn't work.
  • Removed Shield Upgrade.
  • Increased speed bonus gain for 'Sprint' Werewolf ability from 10% to 14% for each upgrade.

1.27.06 Changes:

  • Fixed Winter/Fall seasonal visibility bug of trees being chopped in the fog of war.
  • Fixed bug with trees when units couldn’t harvest wood after season change.
  • Fixed bug with corpses disappearing. Victim corpses should never despawn spontaneously.
  • Fixed vision bug. It should never be granted during season changes
  • Added "-wtii" and Shady Villager to no secrets mode, including removing shady villager from the map.
  • Using dynamite now declares war.
  • Some general performance improvements.

1.27.07 Changes:

  • Fixed stumps being turned into trees during seasonal changes
  • Fishnet now decreases speed by 100% (no movement)
  • Max HP cap is now equal to 3860
  • Some general performance improvements

1.27.08 Changes:

  • Temporarily removed Molotov Cocktail due to bug when werewolf can be one-shooted.
  • Doubled amount of strength points gained by Werewolf from Minions consume on level 25. (Experimental)
  • Added dynamic increase of night time speed. From night 4 to night 7 their duration will gradually increase by 100%. (Experimental)
    Night 3 - 3.08 min
    Night 4 - 3.52 min
    Night 5 - 4.10 min
    Night 6 - 4.92 min
    Night 7 - 6.15 min

Re: 1.27.XX Changelog

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:03 pm
by Falanor
1.27.09 Changes:

  • Spear Shot ability now deals 200 damage to Villager and stuns him for 2 seconds, for any other target (including Werewolf) it didn’t change, 500 damage and 5 second stun.
  • Increased amount of strength points gained by Werewolf from Minions consume on level 25. Now it gives 0.4 strength per minion.