Discord Server is up! (online chat service)

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Discord Server is up! (online chat service)

Postby Falanor » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:26 am

Greetings, everyone!
We have a Discord server with more than 300 people in it. All are welcome to join.

This is a permanent link: https://discord.gg/mHaHnTY

We will be duplicating all important information such as news and change log there, so if you want to have instant updates on latest news and announcement, this should be pretty handy to you.

Some information about channels that we have:

    #news – News about bot status and features along with Discord related changes.
    #affiliated_discords - Here we promote other discord communities so we can help each other grow. They're doing the same for us.
    #general-chat – Feel free to say hello there and chat on any subject.
    #wwt-memes – Memes and jokes related to Werewolf Transylvania. Anything unrelated to memes and jokes will be deleted.
    #rage-pit – If you feel that your furry paws are no longer controlled by your brain and rage is about to spill out, move here quickly!
    #in-game_lobby – Chat with people in current WC3 lobby.
    #game-arrangement – If you need people for the game or you want to plan it for future, use this channel.
    #make-me-better – Ask for an advice from experienced people about how you can improve yourself.
    #greetings – We are just greeting every member who joins here or becoming a bit sad if someone leaves.
    #change-log – Read about all the changes in the map.
    #suggestions – If you have an awesome idea about WWT, throw it here. Make sure that you describe why you think it’s good, what advantages will it bring and why we should add it. People will up/downvote it. Most popular ideas will be added to the game!
    You can’t write here more often than once in 12 hours.
    #suggestions-discussion – Comment other’s suggestions here or defend your own.

If you see some problems with the bot, you can quickly tag me using @Falanor flag in any of the channels. I may be slow on response though, so, please, be patient.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to post them here.
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Re: Discord Server is up! (online chat service)

Postby Jesse James » Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:55 pm

Very cool! We have been without a chat room since the latest phpBB broke our last chat app.
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Re: Discord Server is up! (online chat service)

Postby Koby_Fish » Fri May 11, 2018 11:49 pm

This is just great. Except, now I see in there that I need to confirm my identity with phone? I DON'T HAVE A PHONE HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THIS?! Please fix this for me so I can talk in the discord again!