1.29.XX *Official Download* and Changelog

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1.29.XX *Official Download* and Changelog

Postby Falanor » Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:07 pm

We will post change log for 1.29.XX versions here and on our Discord channel (https://discord.gg/mHaHnTY).

Official Latest Version is Here:
Werewolf - Transylvania 1.29.01.w3x
(2.23 MiB) Downloaded 11 times

Last version that works on wc3 patch 1.28:
Werewolf - Transylvania 1.28.02.w3x
(2.48 MiB) Downloaded 471 times
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Re: 1.28.XX Download Link and Changelog

Postby Falanor » Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:32 pm

Hello, everyone!
I’m happy to announce our new update for the map, 1.28.01! Here is a complete list of changes.

Elo Distribution / Group Elo
Now Elo is distributed between those who damaged the villager/werewolf in the last 3 minutes or last 400 hits. If a player did 30% of damage to the werewolf, he will get 30% of Elo for that slain. Same goes for teamkills.

-list command
To be able to see the list of current players, their original colour, name, war/peace status with you and if they are dead or alive, you can now use the -list command.

list.jpg (33.3 KiB) Viewed 3898 times

Allying and Unallying procedure
-ally and -unally procedure has been completely rewritten. Now there are 4 different ways that you can use to ask for peace or declare war.

1. You can select a unit of a player that you want to ally/unally and type -ally or -unally without any additional flags. To see the list of all players, use -list command.
2. Use part of the current name of that player (or a full name). To ally to a player named “strangeguy23” use this command: -ally strange or -ally guy23 or -ally str. Keep in mind that if there are more than one player that has ‘str’ in his current name, it will give you an error. To see list of all players, use -list command.
3. Use order number of that player. Number that represents his original colour (1-8). To ally with Red player use -ally 1. To unally Dark Green use -unally 8. To see list with numbers of current players, use -list command.
4. All old ways are working too. Use original colour after the command. To ally with player of teal slot use -ally teal.

Important: When you ask for peace with a player they will have to type -yes for it to work or ask for peace with you using any of the ways above. When he accepts, you will instantly go into peace mode even if your units were fighting with each other.

Allying with animals is also instant now, no need to wait for attack to stop, animals will stop attacking you as soon as you will write -ally animals.

Here is an example of instant allying (in game your opponent will have to accept it first by typing -yes for it to work):

Stackable Items
Loot system has been rewritten. Now all stackable items can be picked up even when your inventory is full without the need of having a free slot.

Villager Appearance
There is a new feature for villagers called ‘Appearance’. If you are a registered member of our discord channel (https://discord.gg/mHaHnTY), you will get Angler’s Hat. If you are in top 50 of our ranks, you are given a fancy cloak. As for champions and veterans, gods of Transylvania have granted them a floating crown above their head. Each of these can be turned on/off at any time in ‘Appearance’ section of your villager. Join our Discord and type !help in #robot-spam to get information about registration.

Short Video Preview:

Zombies votekick ability
Zombies will no longer be able to vote for kicking someone during the game.

Zombies early death
Zombies that die before night one won’t give 500 gold to the werewolf.

Draw command
Players are now able to vote for Draw in a running game using !draw (or -draw) command. For the vote to pass all 100% of players that are alive need to use it within 60 seconds. If it succeeds, the game will end, saving all Elo that was earned before the voting.

There will be a tombstone with some commentary at the place of the player's death now.

tombstones.jpg (98.25 KiB) Viewed 3898 times

Elo penalty for leaving
Now Elo penalty for leaving is calculated as x2 losing to the lowest Elo player in the game.

Random names mode
If the game mode is ‘Random Names’, there will be an announcement at the very beginning of the game telling you your name and colour. Right after ranked/unranked announcement.

Catapults Food
Catapults no longer cost food.

Players leaving
Now after a player has left the game, all his units will stay in game for 30 seconds. If someone manages to kill him during that period, it will count as a fair kill of that player.

Day/Night Timer
You will see a 10 second countdown timer before each night/day start.

Wandering Guy
There is a strange guy that wandered into our map. He reacts to everything that happens around him and sometimes asks for your assistance. Villagers say that his rewards can be very bountiful...
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Re: 1.28.XX *Official Download* and Changelog

Postby Falanor » Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:03 pm

1.28.02 Changes:

  • Jasmine Tea works again.
  • Elo calculation should give proper results now.
  • Fixed bug when game would finish saying that werewolf wins when a villager is still alive.
  • Some other minor bugs.
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Re: 1.28.XX *Official Download* and Changelog

Postby Pwnage » Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:55 pm

These are some amazing updates, Falanor! Thank you for everything you do <3
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Re: 1.28.XX *Official Download* and Changelog

Postby Falanor » Fri May 25, 2018 11:12 pm

In version 1.28.03 we fixed some bugs and minor glitches:

  • Dog no longer can pick following items:
      Boots of Warding
      Fish Scale Armor
      Mobs Torch
      Stag Skin Drum
      Horn of Valhalla
      Wandering Boots
      Carving Knife
  • Items that are sold by wandering merchants are stacked properly (Spears, Whim of the Druid and other);
  • Jasmine Tea now no longer stacks;
  • Stag Skin Drum now sells for 50 gold (instead of 500);
  • Mining script has been changed (by @imforfun#5755 ). You no longer need to double click on the rock.
  • (Hopefully) Fixed bug when spirit didn’t appear after villager death.
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Re: 1.29.XX *Official Download* and Changelog

Postby Falanor » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:17 am

Version 1.28.04:

  • Resources distribution on death
      Now Werewolf player will take all possessions of his victim (Gold and Lumber).
  • Zombie Death limit
      Zombie now has 3 lives and can die only two times. When you are dead, your gold amount will represent amount of times you can die.
  • Acute Sense hotkey
      Hotkey (A) for this ability has been removed.
  • Dog Items Pickup
      Dog can pick up all items again and will not benefit from any passive or active abilities of those.
  • Werewolf Minions amount limit
      Total limit of werewolf minions now includes corpses (with Paw icon above them). This should help with some performance issues that players had when having too many minions. The limit of 300 minions stays the same as it was since version 1.27.11. (If that limit is exceeded, werewolf gets 5 strength for every 10 slain. If amount of minions decreases back, werewolf will get minions for his kills again.)
  • Toxic Bomb
      This Villager ability now requires 'Toxic Mix' (new item) in your Backpack. It can be made in cauldron using just Spring Water. It does not stack and is consumed on ability usage.
  • Iron Rations
      Iron Rations upgrade is now available to Werewolf player too.
  • Werewolf announce
      Players that are chosen to become werewolf on next night will now see announce message about this, so they can prepare and hide from others.
  • Fishing Baits
      All fishing baits are now available only after first night.
  • Elo calculation
      Dying to a werewolf will now cause bigger points loss for a villager and higher points gain for the Werewolf.

Version 1.28.05:

  • Werewolf
      If player chose to be the Werewolf, he will get 800 gold and 300 wood on Villager slain instead of all victim’s resources. Same goes for werewolves that were repicked. Only werewolves that were chosen randomly will get all the loot.
  • Toxic Mix
      Toxic Mix (that is needed for Toxic Bomb ability) now stacks in 3 items per slot.
  • Smurf war prevention
      If victim or killer has less than 3 hours played, they will not lose/gain any Elo. However, their Elo will not get affected if they both have less than 3 hours played.
      This reduction does not include teamkilling. You will gain Elo if you killed an aggressor and aggressor will lose Elo if he killed you despite their playing time.
  • Unranked voting
      Minimum amount of played hours before a user can prefer werewolf and automatically vote for ranked games was decreased from 7 to 5 hours. In addition, amount of players needed for ranked or unranked voting is changed:
      Unranked needs 3 / 4 votes, ranked 2 / 4 votes;
      Unranked needs 4 / 5 votes, ranked 2 / 5 votes;
      Unranked needs 4 / 6 votes, ranked 3 / 6 votes;
      Unranked needs 5 / 7 votes, ranked 3 / 7 votes;
      Unranked needs 6 / 8 votes, ranked 3 / 8 votes;

      Reminder: people who played less than 5 hours will automatically vote for ‘Unranked’ mode and cannot change their vote. If they have more than 5 hours, their default vote is set to ‘ranked’, however they can change it by typing !unranked or !ranked command while in game lobby.
  • Werewolf announce
      Message that informs a player about his werewolf role now shows right after the ranked/unranked announcement.
  • Deathmatch mode
      New game mode “Deathmatch”. You can vote to play this mode by typing !deathmatch in the game lobby. If more than 80% of players choose to play this game mode, all players will gain 900k gold and wood on day 2 and next night werewolf will become level 25. Deathmatch is always unranked.

Version 1.28.06:

  • Fishing baits
      Fishing baits are now available from start of the game again, but have limited stock amount.
      Designer Fish Bait: 2 with restock time of 40 seconds;
      Fish Bait: 5 with restock time of 30 seconds.
  • Item spawn bug
      Fixed bug with unlimited item spawn on some destructibles.
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Re: 1.29.XX *Official Download* and Changelog

Postby Falanor » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:25 am

Version 1.29.01 is out!

Desync Issues
Latest version of the game is now playable again. Tests show that desyncs are not occurring as often as they did on 1.28 after latest Blizzard’s patch.

Role Preference
You will be able to set your role preference at the start of the game. You have 25 seconds to choose if you want to be werewolf or not before the game start. Keep in mind that if everyone chooses “NO” it will still be chosen randomly.
2019.04.12_21.30.31_cut2_small.jpg (64.73 KiB) Viewed 83 times

Easter Egg
Three strange wizards wandered into our map. They love to talk and make comments on different players.

List command
List command was removed.